Relevance Top 10 – May

Relevance presents its exclusive top 10 latest digital marketing updates and reviews. This edition features an analysis of the significance of Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ last week. You can also look forward to advice on using your competitors to your advantage, creating unique original content, reducing bounce rates and making the most of social media.

1.Why You Should Spy on Your Online Competitors

Checking out the competition is essential in order to stay ahead of the game and keep up to date with the latest marketing strategies. This must-read article explains how you can scrutinise your online competitors and capitalise on their strengths and weaknesses.

2. 16 Ways to Reverse-Engineer Your Competitors’ Organic SEO Strategy

James Perrott’s step-by-step guide on how to analyse your competitors’ organic strategies and develop original ideas to boost your website’s ranking.

3.The Value of Links

“Links aren’t valuable because of Google; Google is valuable because of its use of links.” This article provides an insight into the importance of links, not only for SEO and marketing purposes, but also in providing great user experience.

4.Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm A Week Later: Was It Really Mobilegeddon?

A reflection into the impact of Google’s ‘mobile friendly’ update, often referred to as ‘Mobilegeddon’. Have the consequences been as severe as predicted?

5.Content Ideas – That Help Users, Get Traffic, Shares and Links

Are you struggling to come up with new original content? Rishi Lakhani provides an in-depth guide on how you can write unique content that will go viral to drive traffic to your website and provide great user experience simultaneously.

6.20 Ways to Write a Call to Action

When creating an online marketing campaign, calls to action are hugely influential in establishing new leads, increasing your click-through rate and generating conversions. Greg Secrist offers 20 innovative strategies to help you create enticing calls to action.

7.6 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rates in Google AdWords Display Campaign

Find out how to reduce your bounce rates and create a more effective PPC campaign with these 6 must-read tips.

8. No More Pogo Sticking: Protect Users from Wasted Clicks

Are customers continuously bouncing from your site? Aurora Bedford explains how to identify your pogo-sticking issues and fix them to avoid wasted clicks and inefficiency.

9. The Real Reasons Social Media Affects Your Company’s SEO

Despite not being able to directly influence your search engine ranking, social media is a necessity to increase customer engagement, market reach and as a result, improve your SEO. Read this article to find out more!

10.14 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Is your Facebook ad campaign lacking creativity? 14 of the best young entrepreneurs offer their advice on how to increase your Facebook ad conversion rates, with no additional cost.

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