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Relevance brings you the top 10 latest digital marketing news and updates. This edition includes a diverse range of insights into the most up-to-date SEO tactics, advice on making the most of social media and further news on Google’s ‘mobile-friendly’ update next week.

1. The Impact of IP Host Location on Your Site SEO

Find out just how much your IP host location can influence your international search engine rankings. Richard Baxter discusses the significant impact your IP address can have, based on Builtvisible’s experience.

2. “What Should I Post on Facebook?” 12 Facebook Tactics Working Right Now

An important question in social media marketing; is Facebook still an effective marketing tool? Courtney Seiter provides 12 strategies to reignite your Facebook marketing tactics.

3. 9 things brands should consider before launching a blog

Whether you are looking to launch your first blog or reestablish an already existing one, these nine top tips will ensure that your blog is successful and easily maintained in the long run.

4. 5 Ways to Use Your Competitors to Gain SEO Momentum

SEO is used to improve the organic positioning of your website and rank ahead of your competitors in a search engine results page. This article presents five interesting tactics on how to use your competitors to succeed in SEO.

5. 10 Counterintuitive Lessons We’ve Learned About Email Marketing

Jimmy Daly describes the reality of email marketing and provides 10 lessons on how to create a successful email marketing campaign and the real objectives behind it.

6. Google’s Doorway Algorithm Update

Google’s second Algorithm update this month will improve user’s search engine experience by better addressing doorway pages in the ranking system. This article discusses this update in greater detail and its potential impact.

7. The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most influential strategies to increase your social media traffic. This guide offers great advice on how to hashtag effectively on different social media platforms.

8. The Marketer Toolbox

Over 180 of the latest digital marketing tools in one convenient place. Find new must-have tools for your marketing campaign.

9. Mobile Is Local: Quick Wins and Fast Fails

Chuck Price provides an insight into the tendencies of mobile internet users and the recommended steps into addressing your target market and optimising your website for mobile.

10. The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Google’s April 21 Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update

With Google’s upcoming ‘mobile-friendly’ algorithm update on 21 April, this article offers advice to small businesses with limited resources on how to prepare.

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