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Welcome to the latest top 10 digital marketing update presented by Relevance. In this month’s issue, we round up ten valuable articles from Moz blog, including topics from new Google data platform and psychological analysis on marketing, to link building and the latest trend: “how old do I look”. Meanwhile, we will continue to share updated information with you about Google Mobilegeddon.

1. Google Builds a Data Platform that’s the Last Piece of its Ad Empire

The search giant Google is currently building a data management platform named Doubleclick Audience Center. It focuses on helping to target ads and connect brands with people online more effectively. With Doubleclick, Google knows not only who is searching for what, but also how to get in touch with people directly.

2. 7 Days After Mobilegeddon: How Far Did the Sky Fall?

For SEOs, it is of great importance to be able to adapt marketing strategies to the Google’s mobile friendly update. Find out more information and analysis about Mobilegeddon with Dr. Pete.

3. Psychology of the Searcher: Patterns in How Searchers Formulate Queries

Knowing how searchers phrase their search is an excellent way to develop marketing strategies. The CEO and founder of Blue Nile Research Nathan Safran investigates on the psychology of searchers, helping marketers understand better the behaviour of searchers.

4. How Click Farms Have Inflated Social Media Currency

SEO experts won’t be surprised hear of the thousands of pesky fake identities appearing on different powerful social media platforms. New Republic invites us to peer inside the mysterious world of the digital middlemen, known as click farms. “If social media is no longer made up of people, what is it?”

5. The Secret Psychology of Facebook: Why We Like, Share, Comment and Keep Coming Back

Reaching 1.4 billion active monthly users in 2015, Facebook represents a vast marketing opportunity. Based on psychological findings, Courtney Seiter illustrates the reason why Facebook is so attractive and gives advice on attracting audiences.

6. Why the Links You’ve Built Aren’t Helping Your Page Rank Higher – Whiteboard Friday

Whether you have already built up your links or not, it is well worth having a look at advice on link building and how to save failed links as provided by Moz Co-founder Rand Fishkin.

7. The Ultimate Guide to Updating Citations + [CASE STUDY]

Businesses may change address frequently. Brian Baker demonstrates the consequences of not updating citations followed by 4 Simple Steps to Properly Update Citations in his ultimate guide.

8. Write the Perfect Email to Anyone With This Creepy Site

Isn’t it sometimes confusing when you don’t know how to communicate with different new clients? “Crystal” knows what to say. Kyle Vanhemert introduces us to the ways in which this useful tool can improve the quality of communication with different audiences.

9. A 10-Phase Plan of Attack to Get that Promotion You Want

Besides simply considering the interest of our clients all the time, why not look out how we too can get the promotion we want? Wil Reynolds provides practical advice to help you reach your ideal position.

10. How Old Do I Look?

Microsoft has created a viral feature that involves uploading photos to gauge how old people are. Find out more about the story behind the demo for a deeper insight the latest trend sweeping social media platforms. 

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