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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 17th January 2017

With the turn of the New Year comes a feast of SEO news on which to gorge! This latest edition of Moz’s Top 10 offers a wide range of fascinating topics, from hidden tools within Chrome to featured snippets and ranking for ‘near me’ searches. Enjoy.

1. 10 ways to use Chrome’s DevTools for SEO

Search Engine Land’s Aleyda Solis takes us through some Chrome Tools that are super useful for your day-to-day SEO. Read on and you might just learn something.

2. Whiteboard Friday – Start crafting your 2017 SEO strategy

This year is going to be huge for SEO so it’s important that you get your strategy ship-shape for the year ahead. Luckily Rand Fishking is here to help you get started.

3. Linking the in-store and online experience

No matter how many times you go, it’s incredible what you can learn by watching your target audience shopping in your stores. This fascinating post might open your eyes a little wider.

4. Where to start with Featured Snippets

Our very own Dr Pete Meyers is back with everything you need to boost your knowledge of the all-important Featured Snippets. Keep reading or miss out.

5. Enterprise link building from start to finish

Now that Google is cracking down on bad links it’s more important than ever to get it right. But don’t worry because Jason Adicre of Xight Interactive has written it up in remarkable detail. A must read.

6. How to rank for ‘Near Me’ searches

More and more people are expecting local results when they search but how do you make sure you’re top of the pile? Dan Leibson’s study might just have the answer.

7. New discovery for Featured Snippets

The smarty-pants team over at Stone Temple have found that Google mines Youtube descriptions to find prospects for generating featured snippets. See how you can use this to your advantage.

8. Google’s map maker shutdown could hurt SMBs

Joy Hawkins warns us all about the unintended consequences of Google’s impending shutdown of Map Maker. What will it mean for your business?

9. Should we only acquire links that drive revenue?

Jon Cooper doesn’t think so and he’s created an interesting video and written a fascinating article to explain why. Perfect lunchtime reading for anyone in SEO.

10. Moz Pro 2016 year in review

Over 27 big updates to Moz’s SEO pro tools that will make your life easier. This handy post will tell you what’s new and how they can help.

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