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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 12th January

Out with the old and in with the new!

Relevance is interested in all things web marketing. The latest top 10 from the guys at Moz offers a review of some of the SEO tactics of 2015 and a looks ahead to 2016. This post sets you in a prime position to conquer your search engine challenges for the year ahead. Stay ahead of the competition with reviews of SEO successes.

1- The heroes and villains of 2016s Google rankings

The omniscient Google engine dictates our success, with increasingly complex algorithms determining where our websites rank. Discover the brands that got it right – and those that missed the mark – in 2016.

2- Reviewing the golden content of 2015 – learn the secrets to going viral

The wise Steve Rayson looks back on those videos, images and articles that ticked the boxes in order to go viral in 2015. BuzzSumo’s analysis of millions of viral features highlights necessary qualities of viral content.

3- Combat problems posed by an expansive webpage

Obese websites often struggle against the strain of superfluous content, taking an age to load. Is it time for your overweight webpage to go on a diet?

4- Perfect your SEO strategy in 2016

SEO guru and founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin, has long been paving the way for entrepreneurs to claim a stake in Google rankings for their business. Brush up your SEO knowledge with Moz’s 12 lesson guide on all things search engines.

5- The increasing value of podcasts

2015 saw the exponential rise of podcasts. From an extraneous add-on to a valuable asset, podcasts are sure to be a hit in 2016. Might your business benefit from releasing a regular podcast?

6- The cost of purchasing a good quality link

While Google continues to punish those that purchase and sell high-quality links, that dark side of SEO is ever-present into 2016. Brush up on prices with this telling research from Christoph Engelhardt. Learn the costs of link buying (not just monetary!).

7- Quartz exposes some of the most deceptive charts of 2015

While proof may be in the pudding, charts are certainly capable of sprinkling a little too much sugar on the sponge. The guys at Quartz expose those that have mislead through the use of charts in 2015.

8- Accelerated Mobile Pages: a guide

Let the guys over at Distilled explain AMPs in a digestible manner and learn how they may affect you in 2016. The issue is covered in a unique version of Whiteboard Friday.

9- Concerning UX Design, you can play it too simply

Don’t be misguided by calls for simplicity where UX Design is concerned. Concise but clear information is key.

10- Befriend Google in 2016: attract a more visitors with just 4 numbers

Glen Allsopp provides a reliable means to gain a substantial amount of visitors in 2016, using a very simple method. Admittedly, the heading is slightly inflated.

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