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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 25th January

Here at Relevance we like to keep up to date with the latest SEO news to stay ahead of the game, regularly adapting our marketing strategies to cater for changes to Google’s algorithm and other factors that impact on SEO. The weekly news from Moz is one vital fountain of knowledge in the marketing industry, with the latest Moz top 10 paving the way for successful SEO in 2016. From Twitter’s expansion of character limits to everything you need to know about Reddit, here’s our recap of what it discusses:

1) The top 10 Forecasts for SEO in 2016

Moz’s Rand Fishkin looks ahead to the hottest SEO issues in 2016, with a focus on the latest news from Twitter and what it might mean.

2) Changes to Google’s Algorithm: a reflection on the winners and losers

Marcus Tober reflects on those who brands that saw surges and declines in visitors, following the latest of Google’s algorithm changes. January has already seen a major change core algorithm update.

3) Twitter updates character limits: there’s more to it than meets the eye

How might the recent change to Twitter’s character limit affect users? Will Oremus analyses how the update may dramatically impact on content.

4) Reddit: Everything You Should Know as a Web Marketer

Richard Baxter explains why Reddit is the emerging goldmine for web marketing. Learn how to optimise your social marketing through this handy, but under-utilised, tool.

5) A Chief Marketing Officer’s manual for Accelerated Mobile Pages and Information Architecture

Pierre Far explains the latest content distribution channels and sheds some light on the most useful players in the game.

6) Boost Rankings by Quickening Your Site with Just One Line of Code

Learn this useful hack that could improve the speed of your page. Boost your visitor numbers with just a single line of code. Mike King reveals all.

7) Google’s Filter: Everything the Largest Brands Should be Aware of

Biggest is not always best, when Google’s concerned. Join Joy Hawkins as she explains how big brands can ensure they stay in Google’s good books.

8) How Dishonest SEO Can Land You in Trouble

Barry Schwartz explores the dark side of SEO. William Stanley, an SEO black hat specialist, has been charged with extortion.

9) Make the Most of Terrible Opinions

Generate debate by utilising unruly opinions and benefit from more visitors. Sean Blanda teaches us how.

10) Facebook Design Paves the Way for Design for All Mobile Device Platforms

Facebook Design has provided a selection of new templates that aid design for all major device platforms and are set to further expand the range of platforms soon.


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