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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 9th June

We’re always keen to stay on top of what’s new in the world of SEO and digital marketing here at Relevance. If you are too then read on for our summary of the latest Moz Top 10 which includes the latest from Facebook, Google and Twitter.

1. Image and sharing apps are the future.

Recode reporter Noah Kulwin tells us what matters from Mary Meeker’s highly anticipated annual internet trends report. Learn why she thinks the growth of internet business is slowing.

2. Start looking at web design with a user’s eyes

That’s the advice from Robert Hoekman Jr, who argues that it’s hard for designers to take a step back from their babies. Get an important UX reality check in this must-read Fast company article.

3. Facebook targets non-users with ads

In a bid to increase its advertising revenue, the social networking giant has started to sell offsite ads to target non-users. Discover how and why it plans to become the destination for internet video and what that means for you.

4. Adwords is changing

Digital marketing and search engine expert Ginny Marvin enlightens us about the changes to device bidding, expanded text ads and local search ads for Google Maps. Read on to make sure you’re up to date.

5. Are intelligent personal assistants the future?

Tom Anthony believes that you need to make them a part of your long term marketing plan or you may be in the same boat as businesses who said they didn’t need a website in the early noughties. Read on to find out why.

6. Everything you need to know about UTM Codes

If you’re unsure what UTMs are, why they’re important or how and where you use them then this is the article for you. PPC strategist Timothy Johnson explains the basics to get you up to speed. 

7. The ins and outs of Google’s Title Tag guidelines

Dr Pete delves deep into the Google SERP width experiments and provides some interesting insights to help you make the most of the new changes. Learn more in this super useful Moz article.

8. How valuable are internal links to Google rankings?

Shaun Anderson brings more Google goodness with some SEO ranking tests and their impact on your place within search. It’s the latest in a series of tests and is definitely not one to be missed.

9. How to “Retweet yourself”

SEO expert Sean Malseed tells us how to unlock the social network’s “retweet yourself” feature in three easy steps, meaning you can send your most successful tweets out over and over again. Read on to find out how.

10. Honest marketing headlines

We round up Moz’s Top 10 with Esther Chung’s hilarious look at what marketing headlines would sound like if they were honest. From Click-bait to THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH, are you guilty of any of these?

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