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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 3rd November 2016

Google is considered by many to be the gateway to the internet. An all-seeing, all-knowing and infallible digital God that has never made a mistake since it was created in a humble garage. But this edition of Moz’s top 10 says otherwise. Read on to discover the search engine’s downfalls, as well as other insightful SEO news.

1.   The great SEO renaissance

With web technologies evolving at such a furious pace it can be hard to understand or see how the actual functions of SEO slot into our modern world of search. Don’t worry though, Mike King is here to remind you.

2. A near miss with Protonmail

A mysterious penalty, with an even more mysterious fix: this case study from ProtonMail will furrow your brow and make you wonder if Google could do similar things to punish your website.
3. Etsy’s title tag optimization experiment

Global handicraft giant Etsy carried out a radical experiment to maximise the traffic driven by their title tags. See how their fascinating findings can help improve your site.

4. Is Google stealing your traffic?

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs were deemed by many to be the next big thing but there’s a thought-provoking problem with how they appear. Alex Kras’s article covers this in depth and includes a response from a Google tech leader.

5.   Empathy is every brand’s best friend

Moz’s very own Miriam Ellis has written an easy to read article based on the responses of two brands’ reactions to a hurricane. Get comfortable and read how and how not to react when disaster strikes.

6. Google goes back on its word over Privacy

When Google bought DoubleClick back in 2007, Sergey Brin said privacy would be a number one priority when it comes to new advertising products. They recently changed their minds. Read on to see how it affects you.

7. The bugs that Google just can’t exterminate

Despite being at the forefront of technology and innovation, Michael Cottam argues that there’s still some very basic housekeeping that Google needs to take care of. Have a read to be in the know.

8. Create the best E-commerce page in the history of E-commerce pages

In Friday’s whiteboard Friday, Rand takes you through a step by step approach to creating a highly effective E-commerce page. If you’re in e-commerce, you won’t want to miss this.

9. What we’re all doing wrong with Keyword Research.

David Minchala explores the theory that we’re all using manipulated search data and confronts some coincidences, contradictions and facts that we can all learn from.

10. The illusion of control

This fascinating article by Melissa Dahl is full of insights about the effect of placebo buttons and uses case studies about everything from elevators to athletes to make her point. It is absolutely essential reading.

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