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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 31st May

Relevance top 10

There have been a lot of big changes in the world of SEO recently, which makes this Relevance summary of Moz’s top 10 absolutely essential reading. Read on for news from Google, Bing, Twitter and much more.

1. Google gets wider

The world’s most popular website has made sweeping changes to its search results column, which could have big implications for SEO. Among other things, marketers now have longer titles, larger character descriptions and more adwords. Read the full story to make sure you’re up-to-date.

2. 8 Principles for SEO success

Rand Fishkin, the self-titled ‘Wizard of Moz’, sets forth 8 principles to help you make sure that your brand stakes its claim for the top of the search results pile.

3. Twitter relaxes the 140 rule

The quick-fire news and update platform, which has so fiercely kept to its 140 character limit, has finally found a way to keep all sides happy in the so-called ‘character conundrum’. In the next two weeks we should see that links and pictures will stop taking up our precious tweet-space. #LongerTweetsForAll.

4. Bing says we voice search

According to the Microsoft owned search engine, a quarter of all searches on Bing are now conducted through speaking rather than typing. Could this signal big changes in the way our brands are found?

5. People, optimize for mobile!

Greg Sterling argues that 10 years have passed since the iPhone and lots of brands still haven’t made the most of mobile. Cast your eye over the full story for some interesting stats and figures.

6. Andrew Chen helps you hit the sweet spot

The Uber growth expert writes some words of wisdom about how push notifications could help you take your marketing to the next level, and it’s simpler than you’d think.

7. Steal hearts as well as minds

Shayla Price explains how to create an email plan that will make your customers keep coming back again and again. Important reading for any online marketer.

8. Create a product page that converts

It’s one thing to get your customers to a slick product page but it’s another thing entirely to convert them to buyers. Moosa Hemani gathers together the essential ingredients of a successful sales-ready page.

9. The ultimate A/B test checklist

Following neatly on from Moosa’s article, Lindsay Kolowich tells us how to use A/B testing to make our product pages work harder than ever.

10. What went wrong with Wired

There was nothing straightforward about Wired’s transition to HTTPS, but they’ve happily laid it all out for us to learn from in this must-read article.

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