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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 30th January 2017

Covering everything from featured snippets to keywords with bad CTR and clickbait, was this edition of Moz’s Top 10 the most useful ever? Keep reading and see for yourself.

1. Save Time On Your Keyword Research

Vicky Qian gives us some very valuable advice on clustering and classification to help take your keyword research to light-speed levels. Read her super insightful article to learn more.

2. You Won’t Believe How Great This Clickbait Article Is!

Clickbait is everywhere, and yes it gets immediate results, but what are the long-term effects? They’re not good according to Tara Nicholle Nelson. Are you making these mistakes?

3. Are you using these Keywords with a Bad CTR?

Translation, population and definition are just some of the 42 keywords painstakingly examined by Ross Hudgens. Are his suspicions true? Is Google reducing our traffic?

4. How to generate six-figures in just 8 months

It sounds crazy, and even ‘clickbaity’, but that’s what this simple strategy claims to achieve and it can be applied to thousands of industries. You know what? We think they might just be on to something.

5. How the Conversion Rates Experts Increased Click Through by 157%

If you’re looking for an in-depth article about achieving results in your SEO then Christmas has come early. This fascinating article is packed full of graphs, facts and figures.

6. What 1.4m Featured Snippets Can Teach You

Snippets will be huge in 2017 and it’s important for any SEO to understand them inside and out. That’s why A.J. Ghergich analysed over a million of them and made some important findings, including the perfect snippet length. Keep reading or miss out.

7. What is Crawl Budget and what does it mean for Googlebot?

Crawl Budget is something we’ve heard a lot of recently but nobody seems to be able to agree on a succinct definition. Well here come the Google Webmasters to clear everything up. See what it means for you.

8. What does Trump mean for Obama’s Tech Surge?

Obama brought in the brightest lights from Silicon Valley to help make an impact on government but President Trump seems to be, how shall we put this, a little less keen on outside help. What does this mean for Obama’s ideas?

9. Whiteboard Friday: Earning Benefits from Community Participation

These days, many marketers choose to leave the comments section of their site well alone, but in this insightful Whiteboard Friday, Ronald Footskin tells us how that gives us an advantage. Keep reading.

10. How did Dylann Roof become Dylan Roof?

This fascinating article examines the role that Google’s algorithm could have played in transforming a fragile mind. Extremely interesting reading.

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