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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 24th October 2016

The Penguin 4.0 update was the big news from the last Moz top 10 and whilst we’re still waiting to see what the knock-on effects will be, we’ve got more big news from Facebook and a life lesson for you. Read on or get left behind.

1. What if you didn’t recover from Penguin?

It took two whole years but Google finally updated penguin. It was an unusual advancement to say the least, and only now does it seem to be settling down. For those who are yet to recover, Dr Pete explains five theories why you might have been left behind.

2. Google goes mobile first

At Pubcon it was announced that Google will be switching away from Desktop to a mobile-first index. Gary Illyes has all the latest updates and what it could mean for your business. This could be the most important thing you’ll read all year.

3. Justin Briggs explains SEO for Javascript

Let’s face it, pages with Javascript have always been a bit of a headscratcher for SEOs, which is why we’re so grateful that Justin Briggs has broken it all down in a very easy-to-understand steps. This is the guide you’ve been waiting for.

4. Why you should invest time in yourself

We’re going a bit off piste here to bring you a very important article from Jeremy Cabral of After a family tragedy and an inspiring Moz Ignite talk, Jeremy realized something that most of us try our hardest to ignore. Read his heart wrenching article for some instant perspective.

5. Facebook algorithm trends fake news. Repeatedly.

The Washington Post got so sick of seeing fake news during the election that they ran an experiment. This insightful article examines what happens when you swap humans for AI, and what can go wrong.

6. What’s changed with the Penguin rollout?

In another fantastic Whiteboard Friday, Randy Fishking teaches us all about Penguin’s past, present and future and gives us advice on what to expect going forward. Do not miss this.

7. Zuckerberg goes to Lagos

The facebook CEO took his first trip to Africa in his quest to become truly global. This was an important step in the Nigerian startup scene and it’s expected to kick start a wave of innovation and education. Find out why in Steven Levy’s fascinating article.

8. Why Google is removing ‘Demote Sitelinks’
Those that still check Google+ every now and then might have seen an update from the Google Webmasters page that explained why they’re removing ‘Demote Sitelinks’ in search console. Here’s why.

9. Why your body text should be bigger

For years, UXers have been telling the world that body text is too small. In this easily digestible article, designer Christian Miller explains why just a few extra point sizes will mean more eyeballs on your copy.

10. When you’re down, write your way up

According to Susan David at Science of Us, pouring your thoughts out onto a page can be one of the best ways to get over a funk when you fall into one. Read her extremely interesting article here.

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