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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 20 July

It’s been a week of major developments in the social media sphere with Twitter opening their Audience API, meaning developers can now tap into the data of Twitter users. Relevance Web summarises the Moz Top 10, including choosing the right social media platforms for your brand and that app that even Hilary Clinton has been talking about!


1. Twitter opens up their API

This could be a game changer for many as the opening of Twitter’s application programming interface will allow brands to gain better insights into their customers. Key features include the ability to tap into the demographic data of Twitter users and defining particular characteristics and audiences.

2. Choosing the right social network for your brand

There are many questions that should be asked when considering which social media networks a brand or business should make use of. Is your target audience on Twitter? How engaging are they? What content could you post on Snapchat?

3. Snapchat memories and how publishers will be using it

Many brands and publishers have been debating whether or not posting content on Snapchat is worthwhile. A new feature within the application, called Memories, lets users save and share old snaps and other image content saved on their phones. Many brands and publishers welcome the feature as it means coverage and content will not have to be produced in real time.

4. SEO data analysis in Excel

The days of spending hours analysing SEO data could be over with an Excel formula. Although it takes some time to learn the ins and outs of the formula, mastering it could save a lot of time. The formula can be used in keyword research, disavow work and parsing analytics.

5. Levelling up your SEO

Regular expression helps with converting URLs into SEO friendly URLs, resolving duplicate content issues and setting up complex goals in Google Analytics.

6. User Experience versus SEO

How does SEO optimisation affect user experience and how does Google monitor this type of information? This was all covered in the Moz Whiteboard Friday of 15th July 2016.

7. Simple email marketing wins

This useful guide covering email marketing campaigns highlights the importance of simplicity. It encourages you to put yourself in the shoes of the reader. When was the last time you read a marketing email or newsletter? According to Hannah Green at Email on Acid, emails should focus on only one goal and one audience.

8. Considering user needs

Creating unnecessary content can be considered a waste of time for all involved, this is where the “user needs” approach to creating content comes into play. The concept is based on the idea that the user need things, it’s very simply and effective.

9. How to make use of user journeys

What is the best way to manage the data and information taken from user journeys? This guide covers some information around capturing user behaviour and using it for the future.

10. Local Businesses using Pokémon Go
Everyone is talking about the Pokémon Go app but were you aware local merchants have been tapping into the phenomenon? While some owners are discouraging players from coming near their homes and businesses, some businesses are advertising Pokéstops on social media and others are even rewarding people with vouchers and prizes.

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