Relevance Begins New Partnership with Bond TM

eclipse-yachtRelevance recently signed leading technology management and consultancy firm Bond TM.

Providing elite technology services for the new build and refit of some of the world’s largest superyachts, Bond TM have formed the partnership with Relevance in order to bring their digital visibility in line with their sterling reputation in the industry.

Relevance is excited to be involved with yet another leader in the superyacht industry.

Bond Technology Management for Superyachts and Estates put Trust in Relevance Web

CEO at Bond TM, Will Faimatea, is accustomed to working with big players in the industry, including projects for 114m M/Y LUNA and 162m M/Y ECLIPSE, and will soon have a digital presence to match the companies growing achievements. 

Our team of account managers will provide a comprehensive service for creative digital marketing and social media engagement. 

Relevance is delighted to be involved with the cutting edge superyacht firm and will be drawing experience from 10 years working in superyacht marketing to provide high quality digital marketing support, website optimisation and market promotions. Relevance Web Marketing is anticipating a long and successful alliance with the team at Bond TM.

The signing of this new contract continues what has been a highly successful 2014 for Relevance so far. This latest partnership shows further evidence of the growing trust for Relevance within the prestigious superyacht industry.

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