Relevance head to the Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2014 with Vogue & company

Relevance is getting reved up for the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday. Flexing their PR muscle, Relevance, with in-house PR professional Freya Olsen in the driving seat, has set up what looks to be a roaring press trip to the French Riviera and the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo. With publications including Vogue, Conde Nast, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The London Evening Standard, The Independent, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire, Grazia, Chelsea Magazines, Fish Media plus others heading out on flights arranged by Relevance and then accompanied to the F1, and lifestyle places and events in and around Monte Carlo, it looks to be a great press weekend on the Cote D’Azur.

Relevance, digital pr, organises luxury press trip to the Monaco Grand Prix 2014 Monte Carlo

PR has been prioritised in 2014 for Relevance’ clients as part of Rumble Romagnoli’s (Relevance CEO) overall digital strategy. Rumble told reporters at the last French Riviera Press trip: “Relevance clients choose Relevance for their quality. Relevance as a creative digital agency must continue to push the boundaries of digital marketing and provide clients with the most cutting edge digital strategies. Real press and public relations is not only a wise marketing strategy in its own right but also is indirectly highly effective for promotion on the internet.”

So what can Vogue expect from Relevance this weekend? Relevance is getting press invites to the F1 itself (trackside) tables at the most prestigious Monte Carlo restaurants, visits to the famous hotels in Monaco, an exclusive invite to dinner in an ancient bastide in Valbonne, a visit to an extraordinary property for sale in the Carre D’Or Monte Carlo as well as a real taste of lifestyle on the French Riviera.

Here is the press trip schedule:

24th May 2014

06:50 Monarch flight from London Gatwick to Nice Cote D’Azur

09:50 Monarch flight arrives Nice Cote D’Azur

10:00 Journalists wisked off in Mercedes Vehicles to Monaco

11:00 Press arrive at the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo to explore the Paddock Lounge until 12:00

13:00 Lunch au Café de Paris, Monaco

14:30 Crossing the Place du Casino to reach the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo

15:00 Viewing Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Monaco

17:00 Viewing of La Costa Properties Monaco penthouse apartment for sale in the Chateau Périgord

18:00  Drivers transport the editors to the Carlton International Valbonne Estate

19:30 Carlton International Luxury Real Estate host a villa stay for the night

20:00 A meal sponsored by Froggy Gourmet luxury food suppliers and prepared by private chef Emmanuel Sofonea, wine tasting provided by Jules Wines and champagne provided by Ayala Champagne with harpist providing the music. Goody bags are provided by Fraser Yachts in Monaco


Aperitif: Home made smoked salmon and toast. Tuna tartar with fresh mango ,dried apple and beetroot millefeuille with wasabi chantilly. Rack of lamb, rosemary jus and caramelised vegetable. Cheese brillat savarin with truffle ,mesclum salad with dried pomegranate seeds. White chocolate bavarois, and key lime on a strawberries cup and fresh raspberry.

25th May 2014

08:00 Breakfast in Valbonne

09:00  Drivers pick editors up for the Grand Prix

10:30 Arrive at the Fairmont Hotel, Monaco to watch the F1 on the famous Fairmont hairpin bend

12:00 Press Lunch at the Fairmont Hotel, Monaco

17:00 Drivers picks up the editors for the airport

18:50 Departure from Nice to London Gatwick

Relevance would like to thank their partners for helping to organise this exciting Monagasque event with Monarch, SBM Monaco, Fairmont Hotel, Carlton International, La Costa Properties Monaco, Froggy Gourmet, Ayala Champagne, Emmanuel Sofonea and Fraser Yachts.

Photographs of the trip will be published over the weekend on the Relevance blog and social media. Please let us know if you require any Monaco images or news during the weekend.




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