Euro 2016 Sweepstake Relevance

The Relevance EURO 2016 Sweepstake

Friday 10th June will mark a momentous occasion on the international sporting calendar, the start of an illustrious competition that will see the names of the victor etched into the annals of athletic greatness.

Europe will converge in excited anticipation to witness the commencement of what is sure to be one of the century’s most competitively contested tournaments. As the host nation, France will revel in a euphoric sense of pride; eager hopefuls will travel from far and wide to battle the luck of the draw; and passionate youths will feel inspired as the action unfolds.

We are of course talking about the Relevance Web Marketing UEFA Euro 2016 sweepstake.

The official draw has now taken place and is contained in the video attached. Results are printed below.


Friends will become enemies as, throughout the course of the tournament, teams are shamefully eliminated and egos are brutally defiled.

While there will be only one true victor, the runner up will also be rewarded:

1st place: a gourmet hamper and eternal glory.

2nd place: a nice bottle of red wine and a consolatory pat on the back.

The results are as follows:

Hungary – Aprylle

Belgium – Muriel

Spain – Gillon

Ukraine – Emilia

Slovakia – Chloe

Russia – Nicola

Czech Republic – Henry

Iceland – Franck

France – Colin

Wales – Jo

Austria – Lisa

England – James

Ireland – Tash

Portugal – Simon

Sweden – Rob

Italy – Matt

Turkey – Fjolla

Poland – Stewart

Romania – Rumble

Switzerland – Paul

Croatia – Kate

Northern Ireland – Darin

Germany – Radim

Albania – Mark

Best of luck to all!



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