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Relevance Has A New Look – The Story Behind Our Rebrand

You may have noticed that Relevance has a new aesthetic, waving goodbye to our old brand-styling in pursuit of something fresher. Inky violet now floods our website, moving away from our former orange design, while our new all-caps logo stands out from the crowd. But how did we know it was time for corporate rebranding, and what was the vision and purpose behind it? To find out more, we talked to Hanushka Toni, Relevance’s Creative Director, to get her take on the rebrand.

Behind Relevance’s Rebrand

Why did Relevance undergo a rebrand?

Relevance has been at the forefront of digital marketing for more than 15 years. In that time, Relevance really evolved as an agency, going from servicing growing companies to providing marketing for luxury global brands. Our corporate rebranding was therefore about defining who we are today and paying homage to the clients who got us here.

Relevance's rebrand saw our brand colour change to purple

What was the vision behind Relevance’s new look?

Our vision was bold and ambitious. We are not just another corporate colour palette and safe logo, and this is reflected in the brand we’ve created. We will never sit on the fence when advising our clients and it was important for us to bring the same ambition and decisiveness to our own brand.

Our vision was bold and ambitious

Why did you choose purple as the new colour of Relevance?

We chose an inky violet accent colour for our brand. It’s not one that’s too commonly used in branding and therefore another point of distinction; in a market where black and white is the primary colour we wanted to embrace the bold.

The corporate rebrand was a way distinguishing ourself from other companies

What effect do you think Relevance’s new look will have on our business?

Branding is something intangible – it’s a feeling you get when you look at a great brand. Hopefully we will see the same thing happen with our clients – they will connect to us on a totally different level, leading to a better and stronger relationship.

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Like the look of our corporate rebranding? Relevance offers full luxury branding services to enhance your company identity, with over ten years experience building consumer brands. Contact us to find out more.

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