Relevance Top Marques Monaco Supercar Show

Relevance at Top Marques Monaco 2018

The Relevance team recently had the chance to get up close and personal with the latest supercar and luxury trends at Top Marques Monaco. The show, referred to by the New York Times as ‘The World’s Most Exclusive Auto Show,’ was held between April 19th and 22nd in Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum. This year there was more than one reason to celebrate. Not only was the show celebrating its 15th edition with the usual mouthwatering array of supercar launches and test-drive opportunities, but for the first time event organisers were offering a special social media ticket for influences with between 1000 and 9999 followers, demonstrating the extent to which the Instagram generation has infiltrated all aspects of luxury marketing, not simply fashion.

Uber popular supercar influencer Shmee 150, with more than 4.5 million followers across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, was even asked to take over the official Top Marques Monaco social feed on the second day and gave followers a tour of the show highlights through his eyes – a savvy social media strategy orchestrated by show organisers.

So, for those members of the Relevance team who visited the show, who (or what) left the biggest impression?

For Digital Account Manager Hanushka, there was one stand out exhibit:

Relevance Top Marques Monaco Burrasca Jetski

“The Burrasca Jet-ski by Belassi. Although it’s not every day that one’s in the market for a high-performance personal watercraft, this one firmly surpasses the other contenders on my summer list of indispensables; including, sunscreen, Aperol Spritzes and Missoni bikinis. As an inveterate speed-freak, I’m particularly sold on its revvy turbo-charged credentials. If you’re looking for a big boy to ride across the Riviera, look no further than the Burrasca.”

While, for PR and Social Media Manager Muriel, it was a three-way tie:

Relevance Top Marques Monaco 3 GJB 17

“I thought SECAR’s E-Port, a solar port to recharge cars was a great idea. I wonder why there aren’t more of these in parking lots and shopping malls. The Zero Gravity Skin luxury beauty product which is based on NASA LED technology to bring out and rejuvenate the collagen in the skin and rejuvenate was also pretty impressive. On a smaller scale, I could happily picture French designer 3 GJB 17’s desk made out of an old Mercedes in my home.”

Content Editor Chrissie left coveting two particular items:

Relevance Top Marques Monaco Stajvelo

“Not only did Stajvelo’s prototype urban e-bike RVO1 ooze style, but it’s 100% made in Monaco status will make it the ultimate mode of transport on the streets of the Principality once it is released this summer. I also can’t stop thinking about the customised Land Rover Defender that the creative people at Twisted had on display. The rear had been fitted out with a super stylish wooden drinks cabinet, making it the ultimate accessory for a spring picnic. Both items were very utilitarian and cool.”

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