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Relevance & YachtsXL – A Shipshape Collaboration


Relevance is pleased to announce that it has formed a partnership with YachtsXL. Founded in 2008 they were the first online film producer and publisher for all things superyacht.

Video can be a great way to showcase the best your yacht has to offer to the luxury world. It opens up so many more possibilities than the usual photos and articles as it allows you to engage much more with your audience. Video appeals to more human senses than other forms of yacht advertising and there are an endless number of possibilities. For example take potential clients on a “tour of the yacht” or produce a “meet the crew” feature. You can choose your tone, be it formal or casual, and start to build up a relationship and a level of trust with your clients that would not be possible with other media channels.

YachtsXL and Relevance together believe that online video is a crucial medium with which to engage with superyacht owners and to reach out to new ones. Having positioned itself as the world leading online film publishing firm within this niche market, YachtsXL is trusted by some of the most well-known brands in the yachting industry. Following the continuing rise in popularity of mobile devices for browsing the internet it is increasingly important produce content that can engage with people on many different platforms. YachtsXL have all possibilities covered and are excellent at producing quality film productions that work well on PC’s, Smartphones and Tablets. 

From creative concept development to scripting, from actual shooting to post-production, YachtsXL pride themselves on the quality and variety of their audio-visual productions. YachtsXL can also carry out photo shoots at the same time as filming which is cost effective and means that they can ensure both photo and film will complement each other to create a cohesive media campaign for your yacht.

As the superyacht industry becomes more competitive Relevance believe that it is imperative to interact with clients on various levels. It is important to stand out from the crowd and get noticed and there is no better medium than video to create an online marketing buzz.

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