Quality Content is Key

Figures released by Neilsen, the leading global information and measurement company, reveals that paid search (PPC) accounts for only 6% of total clicks from search engines. This might highlight the importance of running organic or natural search campaigns alongside paid search campaigns in any company’s digital marketing budget.

Much has been published in Google’s algorithm updates, and tightening tactics have forced the shift in search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies these last few years. As a result marketers have shifted their attention to content.

Content marketing has become the buzz word in the digital marketing industry this last year. However, like all aspects of marketing, goals and objectives need to be set in order to best utilise this quality content. These goals and objectives will then determine your SEO strategies.

As digital is becoming more and more integral to a companies marketing budget, so too is SEO becoming more integral in traditional online editorial, PR, social media and video content.

Whereas companies may desire PPC (pay per click) campaigns for instant traffic and, for those willing to pay for high first page visibility. In contrast, content marketing in the above strategies is very much a long term, natural link building strategy for companies.

First page rankings for competitive keywords are achievable through diligent natural link building through the syndication of quality content.

Despite Google algorithm shakeups and the impending Penguin 2 update, the golden rules of SEO remain the same. Organic link building strategies do not deliver results overnight, but through intelligent strategy choices and quality optimised content syndication, long term visibility is all but guaranteed.

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