Online Marketing: Use it? Need it? Want it?

So why is online marketing necessary? Well firstly, it has the potential to meet the demands of the dynamic business environment as well as establishing an online presence and identity. Online marketing is affordable, efficient, and with a bit a help, able to be done by anyone.

The internet has over the last 20 years become a predominant mechanism for creating an audience, and reaching potential clients and customers. As technology develops, so must marketeers. Take the Yellow Pages directory for example. Even though the directory book still exists, people now predominantly use the directory on their computers or mobile phones to find the service that they require. The same is true in many other cases.  

Conventional methods of marketing are being phased out, such as TV advertising, print advertising, and to an extent, word-of-mouth.  The current era is very much internet-focused. Just think, when you have a question you need answering, what do you do? You ask Google! You are looking for a hotel or flights – you go or Skyscanner (amongst many others). Looking for that rare item – you check Ebay or Amazon. Want to hook up with old school friends – you go to Facebook or Friendsreunited. The list is endless, but more often or not, you seek advice from the internet.

So tell me, if we are seeking so much information from the internet rather than books, newspapers, televisions like from previous years, why aren’t you marketing to where the people are?   

So this is what you must do. Firstly create an online presence and identity. This is crucial. How are people in this day and age going to find you if you’re not anywhere on the internet? And don’t just mention yourself once, you’re going to have to mention yourself time and time again in different areas of the internet to actually get yourself noticed.

Next, work out a budget. Compared to conventional means of marketing, getting yourself known through the internet can be dirt-cheap. Obviously, the more you spend, the more well-known you become initially, however a bit of time and effort can also create meaningful results.    

The beauty about online marketing is that so many people are doing it already meaning that there are an abundance of people to help you get it right. Whether it be an online marketing company, or a friend with a Twitter and Facebook account, you will be able to pick up a lot of tips along the way. Obviously, the more professional help you receive, the more professional your company is going to appear, but the decision is down to you and advice available 24 hours a day.

Lastly, figure out a plan. Are you going to do all of your online marketing yourself, hire staff or even a marketing company to do your work? Many managers start their online marketing themselves, and then go on to seek professional advice once their business expands. And if you embrace online marketing, your business will expand! So what are you waiting for? Get with the times and get online. Got it? No? Well you definitely need it if you want it or not!

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