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November Blog Roundup – SEOmoz

The monthly selection of SEO/SEM related posts from SEO gurus SEOmoz as ever hits the mark. Being a SEO company based in France, we always find their monthly up-dates cutting edge, a good read and a great source of inspiration as well a great way to find new links and news to useful SEO tools.

Search and Social Media FAILs by California Gubernatorial Candidates

Social media shaping our political futures? The importance of cross-channel optimisation of Social Media to get your message out there.

2010 Industry Survey Results, Infographic & Surprising Trends
Fascinating results from the 2010 SEO Industry survey – who are you and where are all the women?

Google’s Unspoken Failures Are Limiting Your Potential

Seeing the world through google-tinted glasses and perhaps not getting the full picture?

The Basics of Local SEO – Whiteboard Friday
The importance of LOCAL – over 20% of google searches now contain a reference to a locality! Think local, but reach global.

How to Get Your Community to Build Links For You
1.  Activate your community
2. The benefits of letting people vote on your content
3. That great little thumbs up icon
4. Build leader boards for top community contributors and reward them with badges

Content Optimization: Revisiting Topic Modelling, LDA & Our Labs Tool

Launching a New Website: 18 Steps to Successful Metrics & Marketing
Setting up your own website? Follow these 18 great steps and you won’t go far wrong.

Calculating and Improving Your Twitter Click-through-Rate
When tweeting keep it short and sweet. And someone please build a Twitter Optimizer. Until they do, a low CTR is OK.

Using Canonical Tag to Get More Than One Anchor Text Value

Link Building Tips for Personal Blogs
Great ways to stand out from the crowd and get your message across.

Search Engines and Brand Entities – Whiteboard Friday
Google tends to favour big established brands, so for smaller companies SEO is key to competing.

Comparing SEO & Social Media as Marketing Channels
In the battle that is SEO vs Social Media, SEO is still king. However, the quality of traffic generated by Social Media is not to be ignored.

Getting your company onboard with LPO
Seven great tips on how you can convince your boss to show a little love for Landing Page Optimisation.

November Linkscape Index Update Live (and new Linkscape WordPress Plugin)

The latest plug-in from SEOmoz – many of you will have been waiting for this.

Building a Monthly SEO Action Plan! – Whiteboard Friday
The weekly video presentation from SEOmoz. This week Rand talks through how to stay on top of your SEO each month.

Tools to Predict and Monitor Competitor Traffic
A great comparison of some of the tools and resources available for getting insights into competitors traffic data.

Ten Question Litmus Test for Professional SEOs
Think you know SEO? Take the test and find out, or use it if you’re hiring new recruits.

Segmenting Social Traffic in Google Analytics
So, everyone is telling you social media is the way forward, invest in Facebook and Twitter! But how do you show your clients the results? Rand Fish shows us how to separate the social from the non-social traffic in google-analytics.


7 Non-SEO Tactics That Will Make You a Better SEO – Whiteboard Friday

Danny, Dover gives us his lists of 7 Non-SEO Tactics That Will Make You a Better SEO. More details in the video link, but the essentials are:

1.    Get a whiteboard in a non-work related place
2.    Prioritize SEO tasks before starting your day
3.    Dedicate time on your calendar for researching SEO
4.    Create new e-mail accounts for each client (Bonus: Ditch the spreadsheet, use 1Password)
5.    Take the time to explain your job to others
6.    Schedule meetups with online marketers in other niches
7.    Take the time to be thankful

The Wonderful World of SEO Metatags
A great analysis of where to put in the hard SEO yards when it come to meta tags, which work and which don’t.

10 Ways to Get More SEO Clients
With many SEO companies stretched and unable to take on new clients, here are ten ways you can find new clients if your SEO business is not one of them.


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