Relevance Builds New Website For Southern Wind Yachts

Southern Wind Yachts specialises in semi-custom performance sailing yachts from 25 to 40 metres. The yacht builder approached Relevance asking us to create a new website for them, finding its old site to be outdated. The website needed to be well-optimised, fast, easy to manage from the back-end, and strikingly designed. The company’s goal was to stand out amongst all of their competitors. 

Discover our yacht website design for Southern Wind

Relevance helped Southern Wind to launch a unique, beautiful and very well-optimised website. The yacht builder’s motto “a journey beyond expectations’ inspired our eye-catching yacht website design, aiming to deliver a website that would offer a similar smooth sailing experience to one of Southern Wind’s yachts.

We introduced new colours, fonts and design elements, including the 3D carousel on the homepage and the floating banner cards that are used to highlight the latest news. The website was created in accordance with UX and lead generation best practice.

The technical specs of the website have also significantly improved. The new site is three times faster than the old one, and the optimisation of backend management has really facilitated the job of Southern Wind Yachts’ marketing managers. 

Umberta Bassino, Marketing & Communication Manager at Southern Wind, showed her gratitude, saying: “I wish to thank the Relevance team for the great job done and for their patience in following our requests.” 

We look forward to working with Southern Wind in the future.

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