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Brand new Website Goes Live for Gourmet Deliveries & Promotion Begins

Facebook LogoThis week Relevance launched a brand new website for luxury yacht, villa and chalet supplier – Gourmet Deliveries. The new website has greatly improved user experience, partly down to a new ordering facility created by the Relevance development team. This new function allows yacht chefs, as well as villa and chalet owners etc, to log in to the website where they will discover lists of products available (food, cleaning products, kitchen products etc). They then simply click on the items they wish to order, and the items are complied into a list which is e-mailed to the orders team at Gourmet Deliveries HQ. This function also produces the list in PDF format for your records.


Gourmet food provisioning outfit delighted with new website from Relevance

The new website is also mobile responsive which is great news for yacht chefs visiting the site from their iPhones or iPads onboard their yachts. Mobile responsive design means that the website adapts to the size of the screen from which it is being viewed, and appears in a much more user friendly layout, allowing for easier navigation.

The new design has been created with a custom built CMS system which is very easy to use and is editable by the Gourmet staff. Content, images and internal links can easily be changed by the in-house team.

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The Gourmet Deliveries team are delighted with the new design which brings their website up-to-date and keeps it in-line with the luxury market to which they appeal. Company owner and South African born Gabi Gruber has also been in talks with Account Director Gillon Hunter after which they have agreed on a 12 month online marketing campaign which is now underway. The promotional contract will involve all aspects of the digital marketing mix. Some key tools for the campaign will be:

  • Blogging (both internal and external)
  • Press releases
  • Quality link building
  • Social media management and promotion
  • Pay per click (Google Adwords)
  • Consultancy
  • Partnership building

Account Director, Gillon Hunter commented this morning “I am very happy with how the design and development project went, the new website looks great and the improved functionality will be a big help to people placing regular orders. We are looking forward to promoting the new website, and it’s great to be so close to Gourmet Deliveries HQ here in Nice, it certainly makes meetings very easy”.

To view the new Gourmet Deliveries website, please click here. For more information on web design and promotion, please contact Gillon Hunter.

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