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The Latest SEO Updates from Moz – 14th May 2019

Relevance is back with a selection of links to ultra-helpful SEO articles! This week’s Moz Top 10 focuses on technical SEO strategy and will be helpful even if you’re a beginner to the techie side of online marketing. In addition to all things tech, catch up on everything from the sneaky tactics e-commerce companies employ to little-known aspects of Google local guides and listings.

Everything from local search to technology SEO strategy

1. Attract New Customers Using This E-Commerce Tactic

It doesn’t matter what processes, funnels and buyer journeys marketers create – the smallest leak in that funnel will lose them revenue. Usually, the problem boils down to being too aggressive in implementing their strategy with the wrong products at the wrong time. Fortunately, Unbounce has an easy fix and it boils down to these two words: social commerce. Read the article to find out how you can leverage social commerce by adding it to the top of your funnel.

2. The 12-Minute Guide to Technical SEO

Get technical with Rand Fishkin’s recent Whiteboard Friday, which covers crawlability, internal link structure, subfolders and more. This quick watch is an essential primer on technical SEO strategy and part of is part of a longer one-hour video on SEO. Rand guides you through various aspects of technical SEO strategy, including the uniqueness of every page, crawler accessibility, page optimisation and permanent redirects.

3. Google Chrome Shortcuts That Will Save You Time

Do you ever feel like you’ve fallen down an endless hole of SEO that is taking up much of your day? Fortunately, help is at hand! Glen Allsopp has outlined invaluable shortcuts that could save you hours of time and they’re all based on Google Chrome bookmarks. Find common site issue with just one click, open multiple Chrome tabs with a single search, quickly check for duplicate content, get paid speed insights and so much more with this detailed guide to bookmarklets.

4. Learn The Evolving Role of Links in Ranking

If you’ve ever wondered how Google uses links, this summary of a Webmaster Hangout with John Mueller might prove enlightening. Did you know that links can play less of a role in rankings depending on factors such as user intent and other contexts? Check out the article to discover interesting facts about how links are used for ranking and how it might be more productive to focus on content.

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5. Technical SEO Guide to Managing Pagination

This comprehensive tutorial for webmasters needing to optimise and manage website pagination will help with technical SEO strategy. It’s an essential read for news publishers, e-commerce site owners, and those managing blogs and forums where content is divided across multiple pages, rather than loaded on one page. Google has recently stopped using link element support, meaning that traditional on-page SEO optimisation techniques to manage pagination are more important than ever.

6. Realistic Strategies For Raising Your Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on SERPs. Higher scores demonstrate a greater ability to rank and depend on a number of factors such as linking root domains and the number of inbound links from quality websites. Domain Authority is ranked from 1-100 and all brands want their DA to be as high as possible. But what does that entail? Read the blog post from Moz to find out!

7. 12 Million Outreach Emails. Some Very Interesting Results

What makes a successful outreach email? Is it the subject line, follow-up sequences, or perhaps it’s personalisation? Backlinko teamed up with Pitchbox to analyse 12 million outreach emails and the findings will prove very helpful. Take a look at valuable statistics on the best days to email, response rates, the length of subject lines, and much more to improve your own email marketing strategy.

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8. The Google Characteristics of America’s Top-Ranked Restaurants

Restaurants are in desperate need of good local SEO, but how ready is your marketing team to handle these specialised clients? This case study of 4,950 data points collected from America’s “best” eateries can help prep your agency to work with restaurant clients. Taking account of price, restaurant type, reviews and other factors that the restaurant sector dishes up, you should get some helpful insight into your niche.

9. What You Need To Know About Google Local Guides & Editing Listings

If you’re wondering how editing listings work on Google maps, take a look at these insider tips by Joy Hawkins. From fake listings and malicious edits to suspensions and spam, this article puts to rest some of the most common myths about local Google SEO listings on maps and guides.   

10. Google Supports Highlighting Positive Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Google has announced that you can now highlight and post automatically suggested reviews as customer testimonials within Google My Business. When people leave 4 and 5-star reviews of your business, Google will automatically suggest you use them as testimonials. It’s a great way of displaying positive reviews.

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