Moz Top 10 – November

Relevance rounds up this month’s best articles from the Moz blog.

Once again, Moz has provided us with some interesting articles. Get ready to be shocked as you learn why CopyBlogger denounces Facebook and why Google algorithms aren’t the be-all-and-end-all of SEO. Relevance presents you with some teasers here.

1. Google doesn’t think your title tags are good enough

For several years Google has been changing title tags in search engine results pages, but why? And what effect do these re-written title tags have? Discover the answers in Brian LaFrance’s data analysis.

2. More than Keywords: 7 Concepts of On-Page Advanced SEO

As marketers, it is our job to help search engines read our page’s content. If you haven’t stayed on top of the latest SEO developments, most likely your on-page optimisation techniques are outdated. Learn the latest concepts of advanced SEO on-page optimisation from Curys Shepard on Moz blog.

3. Google Releases Penguin 3.0

We have been waiting for over a year for the latest Penguin update. For some, this has had little effect, for others, this isn’t quite the case. Discover why this update is important for your rankings even if your website wasn’t hit by Penguin.

4. Why CopyBlogger is Killing its Facebook Page

Facebook is known for being one of the biggest social media platforms for raising brand awareness; yet Copyblogger, leading specialists in brand marketing, have abandoned it. Read on to find out some shocking information about Facebook ads.

5. Factors Affecting Pigeon – A 5,000 Page Case Study

Adam Dorfman shares his insights on how Google’s Pigeon update impacts on local businesses’ search rankings. Who were the winners and who were the losers? Read on to find out.

6. Heresy: Google and SEO Don’t Actually Change that Much

SEO expert Rand Fishkin gives his professional advice about how to keep up with changing Google algorithms. In the process, he dispels the myths that these algorithms are the only influence on SEO performances and that SEO practices should change accordingly.

7. Growth

Learn how to initiate and develop a business from scratch with the advice of Stanford’s Alex Schulz. His presentation How to Start a Startup tells you how he accomplished the exact feat himself and how you can hope for similar success in your ventures.

8. To Siri With Love

It may seem as a story waiting to be released on the big screen or in the next Apple advert, but this heart-warming story about an austic boy’s friendship with Siri is the real deal. 

9. 750 Popular Subreddits, Categorised by Industry and Submission Type

Reddit is a fantastic resource for customer research and content distribution, so how do you target the optimal subreddits for promoting your company’s content? This article reveals all.

10. A Complete Content Audit and Spreadsheet Template

Buffer’s Kevin Lee explains how to perform an audit of your company’s content. He divulges his experiences of running his own tests on 595 of Buffer’s posts including a free template and the practical uses for the information acquired.

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