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Relevance SEO Top Ten – 4th February 2019

Relevance’s latest Top 10 is here to bring you the new digital marketing concepts creating a buzz. From deep content and creative link building to consumer feedback, we summarise Moz’s round-up to help you achieve your 2019 digital marketing goals.

Ten digital marketing concepts worth thinking about

1. Address the 99% of Silent Customers

Customer engagement is always an important issue, but now Apptentive has the statistics to show that brands need to do more to encourage feedback. Apptentive is a customer feedback platform that uses mobile experiences to help brands have more meaningful relationships with their customers. By taking a more proactive approach to the silent majority of your customers (a whopping 99% of them!) you can boost engagement with over 20 times more consumers than the conventional rate.

A sunset over a body of water, representing silence

2. Get Into Google News

Just how do you get your content featured on Google News? SEO specialist Barry Adams offers his insight into getting your brand noticed and ranking in the news index, covering everything from technical considerations to providing daily updates. The more specialised and niche your topic and brand is, the better.

3.The Importance of Links as a Ranking Factor

Digital marketing agency Stone Temple explores whether links still matter in 2019.  They analysed thousands of queries to ascertain the role links play by market segment, how major ranking factors interact and more. The research shows that links are no substitute for good quality, relevant content, and touches upon other insightful digital marketing concepts.

4. Put Content Value Above Length

Siege Media explores the importance of value-packed content as a way of getting a head start on your digital marketing goals this year. The depth of your content matters much more than its word count. Read the article to learn how 500-1000 word blog posts are reigning supreme over long-form and short posts.

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5. 25 Fresh Ideas For Link Building

Are you in need of some fresh digital marketing concepts to refresh your link building efforts? This comprehensive list has some solid ideas to inspire you. Backlinks from quality websites hold the key to better rankings in addition to other methods such as updating old content, podcast interviews and round-up posts like this one.

6. Tips on Implementing a National Tracking Strategy

Google focuses on SERPs targeting a precise location, and this can make tracking your national performance a major headache. In this post, Moz teaches you how to set up a statistically robust national tracking strategy, no matter your business or budget. With the help of these suggestions, you can pick the right keywords and locations to track your national ranking average and meet your digital marketing goals.

7. Google Console Terms – Explained

Search Engine Land is here to demystify managing metrics in the performance reporting (previously called Search Analytics) of Google Search Console. It’s a thorough but simple explanation of key GSC terms which is ideal for training novice SEOs.

8. Your GMB Local SEO Traffic Isn’t Safe

If you’ve experienced a sudden traffic drop, it’s worth watching this cautionary video. Craig Campbell explains how there is a massive flaw that means anyone can edit your Google Map listing. Currently, the listing can be wiped out at the click of a button, and you’ll never know unless you frequently check it.

9. Exploring Personalisation in the Age of the Mobile Knowledge Graph

This ‘Deep Dive’ offers expert insights on how localisation vs. personalisation, behavior, proximity, and optimisation can influence what shows up in SERPs. Find out how Google is moving towards more knowledge graph-style answers and position zero answers in search results.

10. How you can Bring Customers In-Store when Online Dominates?

One of the major challenges for retailers is driving in-store traffic and repeat visits when e-commerce is at its peak. LSA Insider summarises the findings from a new Yes Lifecycle survey with takeaways that can help retailers retain customers in-store despite the era of online shopping. The key is in adding value for customers with interactive product displays, informative services, live events and new technologies such as retailer mobile apps.

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