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Relevance’s Round-Up Of Moz’s Top 10 SEO Blog Posts

Relevance is back with the latest SEO blog content via Moz’s top ten round-up – an invaluable way of getting the most important digital marketing news and views, SEO blog posts, articles and videos. This week’s Moz Top 10 has tips on how to stop your web traffic from plateauing, advice on setting up blogs correctly and how the online review landscape has changed over the last decade.

Best SEO Blog Posts Of June So Far

1. Why Is Your SEO Traffic Flatlining

It happens to the best of us; you create a product and growth is great for the first year, and then progress suddenly halts. SEO traffic can plateau for many reasons including content growth vs link velocity, aggressive ads, changing user intent and inadequate crawl budget. Read the article to find out how you can avoid SEO traffic stagnation, or fix it if it’s already happened.

2. How To Rank New Content Faster

Moz created this Whiteboard Friday to help you rank new content as fast as possible.  Learn the best tips and methods for landing a coveted spot on the first search results pages in weeks rather than months. From indexing using sitemaps to ranking by updating old content and linking from important pages, Cyrus Shepherd shares pro tips to help you rank faster than a lightning bolt. Even seemingly obvious things such as sharing new content socially can work wonders, so what are you waiting for?

3. Google’s Indexing Bug Means New Content Not Being Indexed

On the subject of indexing, beware an ongoing bug that Google is attempting to fix.  The bug prevents new content from being indexed, but Google is aware of the issue and hopefully, it will have been fixed by the time you’re reading this. You can check Google Webmasters for tweets on the situation.

4. Darwinism in Search Rankings

Search Engine journal brings you this SEO blog post on the evolution of search results, and it makes for some very interesting reading. It contains Gary Illyes’ intro to the ranking training new Google Search Engineers receive. Google’s “rich element ranking” system has a seemingly organic in-built capacity to expand and adapt to changes in result/answer delivery.

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5. How well-optimised is your blog?

Have you ever wondered how SEO-efficient your blog is? The disappointing answer is that most blogs are not well optimised for SEO and largely go unseen by the masses, or worse, their target audience. This video from Siege Media will help you set up your SEO blog content to get the best results, by creating a great experience for your readers and a high ROI for you.  It uses real-life examples of blogs set up correctly as well as those that could do things better.

6. Is Audio SEO the Next Frontier?

Just when you think you’ve mastered SEO blog posts, along comes audio SEO to shake things up. Google recently announced that it would start displaying podcasts in search results and we’re already seeing this happen in SERPs. Google can transcribe audio so it is worth building this into your online marketing strategy at this early stage of the podcast revolution.

7. Happy Birthday Bing: A Look At This Disruptive Brand

Happy Birthday, Bing! Search Engine Land looks back on Microsoft’s decade as a disruptor to the Google empire. Bing has a small but mighty business share and at times it has managed to stay ahead of the competition, such as when it released its disavowal tool months before Google. Bing was never going to beat a search engine giant like Google, but it doesn’t need to. Read how Bing has distinguished itself by carving its own path, such as developing the API tool and exclusive ad features.

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8. Using Rural Local SEO To Your Advantage

How is your rural SEO strategy? Do you have one? Learn how you could make a profit in the most unexpected ways by working with low-budget clients in your country’s least-populated areas. Factors such as referrals, publicity, and professional satisfaction can be yours with the right marketing package for rural areas. Think of all the passersby and temporary clientele that can boost your SEO, as well as the opportunity to boost your relationships with established local businesses and clients.

9. Assessing the Reviews Landscape – Who’s Winning?

David Mihm and Mike Blumenthal discuss how the review landscape has changed over the past 10 years. Who are the big winners now and how do you define winning? On the face of it Yelp and Google come out on top compared to the ten big hitters on the scene a decade ago, but even Yelp can’t help but struggle against a behemoth like Google. How have more recent players like Glassdoor changed the landscape and what does the future hold for review sites?

10. Nextdoor Emerges as a Dominating Social Network

Nextdoor is a hyperlocal platform that describes itself as the “world’s largest social network for the neighbourhood”. It connects neighbours to share new openings, events, traffic delays and suspicious activity, but it is also a location marketing platform for businesses. Nextdoor has expanded to include more than 220,000 neighbourhoods and allows businesses to offer promotions and manage their reputations by responding to reviews and comments. Besides offering a marketing platform for local businesses, it also caters to national brands with multiple locations. Read Search Engine Land’s article to see if Facebook’s stranglehold over local social networking is under threat.

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