Moz's Top Ten online SEO tips

Relevance SEO Top Ten – 23rd November 2018

Welcome to the latest Relevance round-up of Moz’s Top 10 online SEO tips. If you’re interested in learning how much effort is needed to optimise your blogs for maximum ROI, read on. Also in this edition, Moz covers how to fool search engines, as well as the latest on Google’s Page Speed Update and what SEO experts have to say about it. You’re sure to find plenty of great digital marketing ideas below.


Online SEO Tips: The Latest From Moz


1. Google Reveals JavaScript Rendering Secrets


SEOs will be pleased to hear that the time it takes to index a rendered page is not as long as expected. The key to making JavaScript-powered websites findable in searches is to use dynamic rendering. The talk by Google Developer Advocates Martin Splitt and Tom Greenaway at Chrome Dev Summit 2018 shared some great online SEO tips and best practice advice for developers.


2. Five Crucial Factors for YouTube SEO


How is your YouTube channel performing? Moz’s Rand Fishkin delves into the best ways to reach your YouTube audience and increase it. He outlines 5 crucial elements for successfully ranking your videos including the number of views and watch time, plus the importance of keyword matching and tags. Watch the video to learn more.


3. Blogging Trends: The 2018 Survey of 1000+ Bloggers


Have you ever wondered how much effort you really need to put into blogging? It turns out, quite a lot! Orbit Media Studios asked more than 1000 bloggers to take a short survey covering aspects of blogging including length, time, frequency, format and promotion. If you’re concerned about how you compare to other bloggers and how you can improve, check out the survey’s findings – maybe it will inspire some fresh digital marketing ideas.

A food blogger records her meal prep


4. How To Measure Social Media ROI


The team at digital agency Stone Temple has created a fun video that defines ROI and demonstrates how it is measurable. Discover how ROI doesn’t necessarily equate to revenue; it can also mean increased brand awareness, audiences and other benchmarks. Plus “investment” can mean time and staff resources as much as money. The takeaway? It’s crucial to have clearly defined goals!


5. SEO Contest Exposes Flaws in Google’s Algorithm


Is it easy to fool search engines? Search Engine Journal created a challenge that calls Google’s spam-fighting credibility into question. This unusual experiment involved trying to rank the search term “Rhinoplasty Plano”, which is a combination of a cosmetic surgery procedure and the name of a city in Texas. Check out the article to see what happened.


6. Stop Losing Organic Traffic to Google SERP Features


The Moz blog takes on Google’s increasing dominance of their own SERPs. Google has been dominating snippets, Google News, Images, Flights, Videos and Maps…and doesn’t seem ready to slow down. Moz offers some actionable online SEO tips to help you adapt your strategy and stop losing organic traffic to Google’s monopoly.

Don't lose out to Google - maintain your SERPS with these online SEO tips


7. Tending Nature: Decolonizing Cuisine with Mak-’amham


Moz shared this video in honour of Native American Heritage Month. This compelling story of a San Francisco Bay restaurant will inspire SEO clients to follow their passion. The documentary explores how two chefs are revisiting and rebooting Ohlone language, food practices and adapting them for modern times.


8. – Google’s New Dev Resource Site


Google Chrome’s development team have launched a new site that they claim is “the ultimate resource for developers of all backgrounds to learn, create, and solve on the web.” Their aim is to help developers deliver a web experience that maps to its current capabilities and reach with user experience as the top priority. The new site has the guidance and tools to inform lots of web development and digital marketing ideas.


9. Google: Disavow File Spaces Does Not Cause Sites To Drop In Ranking


Is the space in a disavow file causing ranking drops? John Mueller from Google has been refuting this claim and Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Round Table is inclined to agree, attributing a possible cause of the drop to the well-publicised Google Halloween update and subsequent November 7th update.


10. Learn From the Experts: Google Page Speed Optimization


Good news! Page speed is a definitive ranking factor and fortunately Google’s Page Speed Insights have been on the receiving end of some desperately needed fixes. It has mostly affected poorly performing websites whose user interface and overall performance were lagging and outdated. Searchmetrics spoke to online-marketing experts about the potential consequences of the Google Speed Update. The pros also offered up some online SEO tips for mobile optimization.


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