Google AdWords 61


Google AdWords 61May 2012 saw the Internet Awards New York and the Webby Awards honouring excellence on the internet. Google+ were there to showcase and celebrate the best in digital creativity.

In the Adwords May roundup we look at the mobile platform and the use of online video and advertising.

AdWords Community now available on your phone!

Google ads recently extended into Google+ and this month the network is extending even further to facilitate usage. The AdWords community has now been optimised and has become available on all web enabled mobile devices. This means you can now connect to the Adwords Community on the move.


Update to the recent ad rotation change

Last Month Google announced that it would be changing how creative rotation works in AdWords. They are confident that the changes they have made to Ad rotation will enable them to show higher quality ads to users and higher performance ads for advertisers.

There have been a number of concerns raised over the last month about these changes, so this in-depth blog explains why Google updated and modified and how creative rotation works.


GoMo: Mark your calendar to ‘Hangout on Air’ and learn how to build a mobile site in minutes

This month Google has showcased two businesses and helped them go mobile and build mobile-friendly sites–live on air.

Google recently teamed up with DudaMobile to release a free mobile site builder. This comes after extensive research on the growing trends and annoyances of mobile surfing.


Younger viewers say hello to online video in 2012youngviewers

With more and more consumers reaching for smartphones, tablets or laptops for their news and entertainment there is growing numbers of people becoming “light TV viewers”

Google partnered with Neilson to conduct six cross-media studies looking at viewership patterns and campaign effectiveness across TV, YouTube and GDN.

The conclusions and facts make for an interesting read.


Make smarter decisions with the new Auction insights report

Google AdWords currently provide impression share columns where you can see the percentage of impressions received and the estimated percentage of impressions for which they were eligible. The question still remains though—Who is competing in the same auctions?

The Auction insights report can compare your performance with others in the same sets of auctions as you and provides 5 different statistics. It is well worth a look.


adwords for videoAdWords for video: Use video to capture a new advertising audience

Learn about the tools that Google can offer your business every Wednesday at 11am PST on the Google+ business page.

This month they offered a tutorial on AdWords for video, how to create a video campaign and other helpful tricks. On average video advertising on YouTube can lead to a 20% increase in website traffic.

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