May Blog Roundup – Google Adwords

google-adwordsThis month at Google Adwords there is no doubt that the focus has been on learning. May postings include news on an organised webinar, a live course in the Adwords classroom, an interesting case study on the use of Enhanced CPC and most significantly the introduction of Think Insights with Google. Think Insights aims to answer many pressing questions about the online world with solid data gained from Google’s research. This should provide a valuable resource for the online advertising industry and we will certainly follow their articles with interest. In other news, the display URL domain will now be featured in the headline for select top placement ads on Google, giving more brand prominence and leaving more space for other product information. Last but by no means least, Google have changed their pricing structure for promoted videos to a cost per view model which has come as ‘music to the ears’ of those promoting video content on YouTube.


Showing the Display URL domain in the headline for select ads on Google

A strong display URL can make all the difference online, heavily influencing who clicks on your ad. With this in mind, Google have decided to make the display URL more prominent in select top placement Ads.





Learn about Media Planning in a live course In the Adwords Online Classroom

The Adwords Online Classroom provided a live course on media planning on May 18th. Users are able to visit the classroom for further live and on-demand courses on many digital topics.

An Obsession with Advertising, Accountability and Awesomeness

Watch a recording of a webinar discussing the beauty of online accountability and why we should make sure we fully utilize our online stats.

Because Data Beats Opinion: Introducing Think Insights with Google


Data Beats Opinion is one of Google’s founding Principles. As such, they have invested a great deal of time posing questions on online habits and trying to answer them with solid, factual information. Much to the delight of online marketers, Google will now be publishing these insights at Think Insights with Google. The content documents Google’s effort to better understand web user’s adoption of emerging media platforms and examines how marketers can adapt accordingly.

Promoted Video Pricing Change: Focusing on the Value of Videos

YoutubeSince their launch in 2009, Promoted Videos on You Tube have been a popular way for advertisers to drive traffic to their video content. However, to date, Google have used a cost per click charging methodology which provides no guarantee that your video will actually be viewed by a user after clicking. Following a rethink,  advertisers will be pleased to hear that Google have now reworked their pricing towards a more advertiser-friendly ‘cost per view’ model. In practise, this will mean fewer wasted clicks and a guarantee that a user will, at the very least, start to watch your promoted content.

New Case Study: How Enhanced CPC drives success with third-party bidding tools

Enhanced CPC, launched by Google last year, is a feature designed to help your PPC Manager boost the number of conversions at or below your specified CPA. In this case study, Google examines why the tool has been so effective for W3i, a company that distributes desktop and mobile aps.

More Accurate Traffic Estimates in Adwords

On May 10th, Google announced an update to the algorithm behind the Adwords Keyword and Traffic Estimate tools.  This, they say will give users more accurate statistics for estimated, cost, clicks and ad position. The change is now effective globally.

Introducing new ways to reach your customers on tablets

There is no doubt that tablets are becoming extremely popular with ‘tech-savy’ web users. So, in order to better understand this audience, Google is introducing more intricate targeting capabilities for tablet users. The changes will be visible in your Adwords account  under the Settings tab in “Networks and Devices”. You will now see an additional targeting option titiled ‘tablets with full browsers’. This option will allow you to target not only Apple iPad devices, but an entire selection of tablet devices according to your advertising objectives.


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