September Blog Roundup – MattCutts

matt cuttsSeptember has seen many new tools and innovations appearing online, not least the introduction of Google Instant. Would this dramatically affect SEO companies in France or indeed globally? This and other insightful topics are covered in this month’s blog roundup of MattCutts.



MattCutts Blog –


08/09            Thoughts on Google Instant

Includes a reflection on how Google instant may affect SEO.

17/09            Have you tried Chrome?

PC World vote Chrome as it’s ‘ Top recommended browser’ with the best interface, security and reaction time. Firefox won honours with ‘best extensions’.

20/09            Recapping Google’s new two-factor authentication

30/09   url shortener is now open to everyone!

After initially launching for employee use only, due to popular demand Google have made their URL shortener public.

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