Luxury Brands are Increasing Their Online Presence

maseratiIn the digital age, it is becoming ever more essential to be visible and active online, even for brands that have traditionally eschewed online marketing and sales. Luxury brands have recently increased their online marketing activity to encourage high-earners to use their websites.

Numerous luxury brands were initially dismissive of online shopping, fearing a loss of exclusivity. They preferred to remain faithful to their traditional marketing and sales strategies that had brought them a loyal clientele and so much success in the past. However, in the words of Bob Dylan, ‘the times they are a-changing,’ and a new report from eMarketer shows that luxury brands are now creating online advertising campaigns and offering exciting deals to potential clients who shop online.

Relevance looks into why luxury brands are turning their attention to online marketing

Yet given their previous dismissal of online advertising, we must ask; why have luxury brands started positioning themselves online? This article on has a few statistics regarding the amount of time spent on the internet by those with a high income in the United States. It is clear that if high-earners are using the Internet for longer each week, they will spend more money online. These high-earners are potential customers for luxury brands and more importantly, can afford their products.

It is true that in the luxury industry many purchases will continue to be made in the traditional manner, with a visit to the store. However, luxury brands are certainly missing a trick if they do not focus their attention on an efficient online marketing strategy, with more clients happy to make their purchases over the internet.

This is fantastic news for Relevance Web Marketing, a specialist in online marketing and SEO for luxury companies. We have certainly seen a rise in the number of luxury brands who understand the importance of visibility on the Internet and are now focusing on their online presence. Follow this link to find out more about our services and how we can be of help for you.

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