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Luxury Accommodations Blog Reaches 100,000 followers

Luxury Accommodations Blog

March 8th 2013 saw Luxury Accommodations Blog reach a very impressive 100,000 followers on social blogging platform – Tumblr. Relevance have been working alongside Luxury Accommodations Blog over the past year to create interesting and informative content for various luxury clients. Miruna Elena of Luxury Accommodations Blog recently wrote to Relevance to give the good news:

One of Relevance Web Marketing’s blogging partners generates a huge following on Tumblr

Hello my dear friends,

I am sending this email to all of you at Relevance Web Marketing.

We want to let you know that today our blog has just reached 100,000 Tumblr followers. It is probably one of the most popular Tumblr blogs in the world and is growing each day. We are very happy and we decided to share this good news with you.

We just want to say Thank You for the collaboration we’ve had so far, you are a very serious and professional agency and we would love to continue our collaboration in the future.

We also wanted to let you know that we will include your agency in our Useful Links section plus we will create an article about your company – a company introductory article where we will mention your services, what you do and recommend your marketing agency. I think this is at least we can do for you guys.

Once again, Thank You and have a great day!

Take a look at the Luxury Accommodations blog by clicking here.

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