Los Olivos Private Rehab Clinic Launches New Website

Relevance Web Marketing is proud to announce the completion of the new Los Olivos website this week. Los Olivos is one of the top private rehabilitation centres in Europe. It is therefore testament to the confidence their Managing Director Nicholas Kenny has in Relevance Web Marketing that we were chosen ahead of the competition. The new site, www.losolivosrecovery.com – a joomla customised template, was designed by our developer Robert Went, based on the previous Los Olivos website, but improved visually and fully SEO optimised.

Mr Kenny approached Relevance Web Marketing in June wanting to update his existing website in order to improve bookings – in the highly competitive world of private rehabilitation – for his Spanish-based rehab centre. As such the site needed to be easily navigable as well as attractive and for search engine rankings boost, powerful in SEO terms. Thanks to our short turn-around times, the site was researched, designed, written and launched in a little over a month.

The site is designed to make entering into residential rehabilitation seem much less daunting, along with visually doing justice to Los Olivos’ less than 2 year old treatment centre. In requesting a the new site Nicholas Kenny told Relevance: “I want it to be both informative and to represent as closely as possible, what a stay at Los Olivos is like.” After a thorough competitor analyis and keyword research, together with close client liaising, the fully optimised, user-friendly website went ‘live’ last week, to total client satisfaction.

Los Olivos, the most recent client of Relevance Web Marketing was established in 2007. After a successful beginning, Mr Kennedy moved to the current location in the Axarquia region of Malaga only 2 years ago. The new name ‘Los Olivos’ (‘The Olives’ in English) was deliberately chosen to emphasise the stunning new setting amidst the olive groves of Southern Spain.“In Spain we are able to provide a quality of environment simply unattainable in the UK. The weather allows guests to spend time outdoors as part of their rehabilitation and to make use of the on-site private pool,” says Mr Kennedy

In launching this website, Los Olivos approached Relevance Web Marketing thanks to a word of mouth recommendation. With our large portfolio of international clients and more than six years experience in the creation and promotion of website we were first choice for Mr Kenny. We hope this is a partnership which will ultimately lead to a better representation of the facilities of Los Olivos as well as helping addiction sufferers find the perfect treatment centre.

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