This Month the Google Webmasters have been launching all kinds of new features on Google Webmaster tools to give their services further practicality and ease of use. Google has also launched a great video tutorial on Google+ and the +1 Button, perfect for Google+ beginners.
Take a look at our round up of this month’s latest news, launches and tutorials from the Google Webmasters.

The Month’s News from Google Webmaster Tools

Using associates to manage your YouTube presence

This month Google Webmaster tools are delighted to announce a new feature in that will allow webmasters to add “associates” These are trusted users who can act on behalf of you or your site in other Google products. Associates however will be unable to view the site data or take any site actions in Webmaster Tools, but they will be authorised to perform specific tasks in other online products.
Click here to read more about the official launch and using YouTube as part of the service.


Download to Google Spreadsheet from Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster tools has just launched a new download option for exporting your data spreadsheet googledocsdirectly to a Google spread sheet. You will now be greeted with a “Select Download Format” option where you can choose your data format as the traditionally used CSV or now also as Google Docs.
Choosing CSV means that you can import your data into spread sheet tools like Excel. By selecting the ‘Google Docs’ option; the data will be saved into a Google spread sheet and a newly created spread sheet will open in a new browser tab.


Google + and the +1 Button 101

This article is actually a 20 minute video course on Google+ and the +1 button. The video has been designed for a range of webmasters from personal bloggers to SEOs of corporations. It is a brilliant way for a Google+ amateur to get up to speed with Google’s social opportunities.


Easier domain verification

Google have this month announced a new initiative to make it easier for users to verify domains for services like Webmaster Tools and Google Apps.
In collaboration with GoDaddy and eNom, Google are making simpler ways to verify your domain without having to have created a DNS TXT record.
Well worth a read if this affects you as it is a really straightforward and informative guide on how to use the new interface.

Recommendations for Building Smartphone-optimised Websites

Everyday more and more smartphones are being activated and increasing numbers of websites are optimising their content mobile platforms. In December 2011, Google launched Googlebot-mobile for smartphones to improve support for smartphone –optimised content.
This article looks at Google’s recommendations for building smartphone-optimized websites in a way that gives both your desktop- and smartphone-optimized sites the best chance of performing well in Google’s search results.

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