The June blog posts found this month on Google Adwords were very much focused on Adwords updates and improvements as well as new mobile platform features. Google has redesigned their local ad formats for Google Maps for Mobile and has held the first ‘Mobile Education Week’.

The Month’s News from Google AdWords

Introducing Adwords editor 9.8.1

Google were this month excited to announce AdWords Editor version 9.8.1, the newer version includes:

  • Managing location targeting more easily
  • Dynamic search ads and product listing ads now in AdWords Editor
  • Updated topic targeting, posting, and CSV import, along with other improvements.

For more information on this read the full blog post on the Adwords blog site.


A preview of Ad words’ new look

This month Google AdWords previewed a new look to consumers, you can take a look at adwords new lookthe refreshed site and share your thoughts about the new look. Over the last several months Google has aimed to deliver a simpler, more beautiful experience across all of its products. Google is hoping the new look will be welcomed, it is aimed to be intuitive and pleasant, read the full blog and take a look at the preview. The New design will be launched soon.


Take advantage of mobile education opportunities

Google have just held their first ‘Mobile education week’ webinar series for agencies and businesses. With the video catagories:

  • Our Mobile Planet: Understanding U.S. Smartphone Consumers
  • GoMo: Mobilize your Site with Quickly and Easily New Tools from Google & DudaMobile
  • Introducing Mobile Apps Inventory in AdWords

The videos are in depth and informative.


With new search ads in Google Maps for Mobile, mo’ lo’ means mo’ dough for advertisers

new GMM ads - use for blogSearching for local information is one of the most common ways that people use mobile browsing today.

This month Google has redesigned their local ad formats for Google Maps for Mobile. This will enable advertisers to better connect with their potential customers via mobile search.

People are using mobile technology evermore frequently to connect with businesses. They will click to look at a website, but they will also click to make a call or get directions.

Google have claimed that this redesign has increased click-through-rates by 100%

Have a look at the full blog for further information and examples of the redesign.


AdWords Examples – Targeting your keywords

This is the last part of a 4 part blog series that ran on Google’s AdWords this month.

The 4 parts were:

AdWords Examples: Structuring your campaigns

AdWords Examples: Structuring your first ad groups

AdWords Examples – Right ads to the right user

AdWords Examples – Targeting your keywords

This was a hugely informative series that gave a great overview of how to structure a basic advertising campaign.

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