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January Blog Roundup – Google Webmaster

google webmaster logoIt seems Google Webmaster blogged itself out last month as posts were a bit thin on the ground for the month of January. However let it not be said this SEO company based in France is not thorough as we compile this month’s blog roundup for January.



Understanding your Opportunities with AdSense

Google adsense is a program that allows site owners to place relevant ads on their pages and earn revenue. Are there no cons to this method of monetary growth or should we be wary of damaging our site or brand image. This post, true to its source is pro adsense.

How to deal with planned site downtime

If a site is offline due to maintenance or something unforeseen when a Google crawls it does this impact its search results in a negative way once up and running again? We look into ways in which this can be avoided.



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