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New Additions to the Relevance Web Marketing Team


We’re are pleased to announce the introduction of two new team members to the Relevance Web Marketing office.

Emilia Jedamska has joined our sales team in Nice and we are very pleased to welcome her and the experience she brings to the post. Co- founder of a leading internet platform and author of a published book on e-marketing strategies, Emilia brings a solid knowledge of web marketing that is a fantastic addition to the team as well as her extensive background in sales, e-sales and PR.  

Anna Kolodziej is set to join our team in the French Alps early February, a keen snowboarder and skier this branch of the company was ready-made for Anna. Having recently left her previous employer in search of a more marketing orientated role and hopefully learn a little of the SEO world she came across Relevance Web Marketing and we were very happy to accept her application. Anna’s covering letter particularly stood out for us with her enthusiasm.

“After reading the position description, I cannot contain my excitement in applying for this position. Wow!”

We would like to thank everyone who applied for these positions, as you can imagine we had a tremendous response and unfortunately had to disappoint a lot of applicants. Relevance Web Marketing is an expanding company and in the past year have doubled our staff numbers in order to keep up with client demand. With this in mind we will file away all applications for review at a later date for future suitable candidates.

Once again a huge welcome to our two new colleagues Emilia and Anna from all of us here at Relevance Web Marketing.

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