Senior CRM & Marketing Automation Specialist

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David Breviglieri is our Senior CRM Specialist. David is an expert in finding appropriate solutions for clients, a professional always striving to satisfy the client by implementing innovative solutions, or working with the client’s existing system to create effective campaigns and achieve significant conversion rates.

Born in Italy, David lived in the US and Australia. He is currently based in Malta, often traveling across Europe to our customers. David has 15 years of experience in implementing systems in the most disparate industries, from logistics to yachting.

When not working on a solution for a client, he is trimming the sheets on a 50ft racing yacht!

" David is always striving to find the best and most suitable solutions for our clients, making sure their digital assets will convert visitors into customers "


CRM E Automazione del marketing, Mailings, Defining personas, Defining user journey, Hubspot, Implementing marketing automation solutions, Devising direct marketing campaigns, Creating advanced workflow automation, Implementing & designing CRM systems,


Based in Ufficio - Monaco

Articles written by David

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