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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 11th May 2017

Relevance top 10

Although the world seems to be full of confusion, we at Relevance are still as reliable as ever in bringing you real stories from the world of search. This week’s re-cap of Moz’s Top 10 covers everything from ‘fake news’ to Amazon’s snooping. Enjoy.

1. Improve your site health, stat

If you’re the type of person that offers 10 services in 10 cities but have a 100-page website then this is a must-read. If you’re not then read it anyway, you’re bound to learn something new.

2. The real way to find fake news

If anyone should know about how to find fake news then it’s Google. Good thing, then, that NewCo has got insights from a former Googler about how to track it down. A very important article given the current political climate.

3. RIP Links as a ranking factor

As the web evolves the way we use it evolves too. Moz’s very own Tom Capper reports that the days of using links as a ranking factor might well be numbered. Find out in this insightful article.

4. Is Amazon’s Echo snooping?

The smarter our homes get, the more questions will be raised about how much companies can learn about our everyday lives. This examination of Amazon’s new Echo assistant, complete with camera, will not be the first and certainly not the last.

5. Whiteboard Friday: are popups harming your brand?

There are many different types of popups and many ways of using them but are they harming your brand’s online presence? Rand Fishkin investigates in yet another fantastically insightful Whiteboard Friday.

6. Clash of the analytics implementations methods

There are many ways to implement analytics but which one is right for you? Let Upbuild’s Mike Arnesen help you decide with an article he’s been wanting to write for ages. A must-read.

7. Could gamifying your content strategy boost your traffic?

It certainly worked for the guys at Proven who saw organic traffic leap by 43% without publishing a single post. Read their fascinating explanation to see if it could work for you too.

8. Quora: the secret weapon for driving traffic
With a little work, the humble question and answer site is an effective way to increase everything from your email contacts to organic views. See how ‘Growth Evangelist’ Josh Fechter put it to work over five months.

9. How Huffington Post articles go viral

Buzzsumo takes a look at Huffington Post’s 30 most shared articles headlines to see why the internet loved them. If you read one thing today, make it this.

10. Have you been reading your traffic wrong?

We’ve all seen ‘Direct Traffic’ in our Google Analytics reports but what does it mean? Sayf Sharif of Seer has the answers.

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