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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 1st December 2016

With the end of 2016 rapidly approaching, the Moz Top 10 turns its attentions to SEO predictions for 2017 and reflects on the recent change to Google’s algorithm. Read about these issues, and more, in Relevance’s latest concise summary of the Moz Top 10.

1. Let the 2017 predictions begin

2016 was an extremely interesting year for search and as it draws to a close you can expect a deluge of summaries about what to expect for next year. Will Critchlow gets the ball rolling by posing the question: “if desktop search is the first trillion, and mobile search is the second trillion, where will we find the third trillion?” Keep reading to find out.

2. Get the snippet. Keep the snippet.

Dallas-based content strategist, Ronell Smith, argues that acquiring a featured snippet is extremely important. Learn how to acquire it in this easy-to-read Moz essay. Read on to see how you can make snippets stick.

3. What was the Google Algorithm Update?

November 10th saw a new Google algorithm update that greatly affected some of our readers’ rankings. Glenn Gabe investigates what it was, or at least might have been, in this in-depth, chart-filled analysis. Enjoy!

4. Dr Pete Meyers to the rescue

You might have picked up on a nasty November bug that caused SERPs to pull incorrect dates from pages but fear not. Dr Pete Meyers is here with a handy short and sweet update that will make things right as rain.

5. Google ‘in the news’ is out

Who better to explain Google’s ‘News Recommendations’ patent than a patent expert? Bill Slwaski talks about the disappearance of the search giant’s ‘In the news’ section and what its new patent might be in this fascinating must-read article.

6. 10 strategies for using paid media to get your customers talking

We love a Whiteboard Friday, and guest presenter Samantha Noble’s effort is particularly fascinating. The digital marketing expert suggests several ways to be more creative with your paid media and the results and recommendations you can expect. Prepare to learn.

7. Simple SEO tips that helped tally 20 million views

Yummly is a food discovery platform that produces some of the best content on the web. Find out how their Chief Growth Officer Ethan Smith’s SEO strategy raised the startup to the top of the charts.

8. How to keep up with Google

Packed full of insight, advice and useful tools, and based on what we’re seeing in SERPs, this inbound 2016 presentation from Ronald Foskins is probably one of the most important things you’ll see today. A full 45 minutes and 33 seconds of SEO goodness – perfect lunch break viewing.

9. What if search was based on accuracy?

It’s a potent question amidst all these fake news debates and the effect they might have had on putting a political newcomer in office. NPR’s Adam Frank discusses a search utopia in which facts are everything. Fascinating reading.

10. Play with AI

It’s been impossible to go on social media recently without seeing someone posting their Google Pictionary drawings. Their AI engineers have been hard at work developing a game to get us to help them build their AI and it’s super fun. If you haven’t played yet, put it to the test.

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