Relevance Strikes Up New Partnership with Luxury Car Rental Service

With a vast fleet comprising fifteen of the finest brands of car for any occasion, starting with the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster of their ‘Exceptional’ range down to the Mercedes C-Class from their ‘City’ collection, Relevance is pleased to announce a new partnership with one of the leading luxury car rental services the French Riviera has to offer.

A New and Welcome Addition to the Relevance Web Marketing Portfolio

Phase one of the project, a keyword research, research into the competition and the optimisation of the site have been completed and Relevance has moved onto the promotion phase of the contract. The second phase will include a variety of high quality digital marketing techniques alongside a Google Adwords campaign.

Relevance will be drawing experience from previous professional engagements within the luxury car rental industry to provide high quality digital marketing support, website optimisation and market promotions. Along with quality SEO and link building, which has already been implemented, Relevance also plans to expand the client’s marketing network onto large social media platforms including Google+, YouTube and Facebook in English. Relevance Web Marketing is anticipating a long and successful alliance.

This latest partnership shows further evidence of the growing trust which prestigious luxury service enterprises place in Relevance’s expansive knowledge in the field. Account Manager, Tim Beecroft, will be overseeing the venture and you too can follow its progress via luxury car rental features in bi-monthly editions of our newsletter.

Tim Beecroft had this to say of the new project, “we are very happy to welcome aboard another prestigious company into our portfolio. Whilst the luxury car rental industry is competitive, we are confident that we will be able to improve the online presence and visibility of this new client.” The signing of this new contract continues what has been a highly successful 2014 for Relevance Web Marketing so far.

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