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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 03rd May

Relevance top 10

In this week’s summary of Moz’s top 10, Relevance brings you updates from Facebook’s F8 conference as well as must-read insights from world-renowned SEO experts. Read on to find out more:

1. Facebook announces several new features at F8 conference

With literally billions of users around the world, Facebook has become one of the most powerful ways for marketers to engage with consumers. Read up on the new features Zuckerberg has added so you can use the platform as effectively as possible.

2. When will my rankings be influenced by link building?

One of the questions those who work in SEO are constantly asked by clients is “when will we see a return on our investment?”. Luckily SEO specialist Kristina Kledzik has conducted an experiment that gives you the perfect response.

3. What to do when the traffic drops

In the world of SEO, there’s nothing scarier than a sudden and unexplained drop in traffic. But fear not. Craig Bradford is on hand with a beginner’s guide to traffic drop analysis.

4. Pricing strategy: do’s and don’ts

Pricing is one of the oldest marketing tools in our arsenal. Here, Tom Whitewell has put together his learnings on how to make the most of it.

5. Do not fear the website redesign

It turns out that redesigning your website doesn’t have to be a big deal. Adaptive Reuse is an incremental design process in which you work with what you already have.

6. The truth behind the SEO myths

Joy Hawkins puts together the most frequent SEO myths she hears and dispels them in a succinct 7 minute article. This is gold for anyone in the industry.

7. How to create a smart content strategy

Demian Farnworth of CopyBlogger has some excellent hints and tips to help you make hard working content. Read on before your competition gets there first.

8. Make sure your social media matches your brand

There’s a big difference between using social media professionally and personally. Are you doing it right? Find out with Meagan Smith’s helpful article.

9. Finally you can get Google Calendar events in search results

It’s a sure-fire way to increase your clicks, visitors and even business but it’s surprisingly hard to do. Fortunately, Eduard de Boer has broken it down into easy to follow steps.

10. Learn to design like an astronaut with James Archer

James is the chief design officer at Crowd Favorite and has worked for global brands such as Microsoft, Motorola, Walmart and Yahoo! See how his novel approach to design can help you better service your own clients.

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