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Relevance Partners With The Superyacht Marketing Forum 2019

The Superyacht Forum Panel

Relevance is proud to be a partner at this year’s most important yacht marketing event: The Superyacht Marketing Forum 2019, run by the Superyacht Group. Set to take London by storm on the 3rd and 4th of December, the Forum will focus on topics such as what is the future of boat shows, what do yachting clients really think, and how to communicate with a digitally native generation. We look forward to helping refresh the digital marketing efforts in the yachting industry with our specialised knowledge, and learning from other expert talks. 

About The Superyacht Marketing Forum 2019

As one of the most influential media outlets in yachting, The Superyacht Group provides key intelligence, analysis, and experiences to enrich the industry. Relevance has over 20 years of experience working with yachting companies, shipyards and yacht crew placement agencies. Our partnership with The Superyacht Group helps us to share our observations with a powerful network of professionals. 

We are especially excited to announce that our CEO Rumble Romagnoli will be giving a presentation, discussing the role and impact of digitalisation within yachting and marketing best practices for 2020 and beyond. And with both BtoB and BtoC events in the programme, the forum will be a great opportunity for our industry to express new ideas and demonstrate the efficiency of innovative strategies.

The Forum will be accompanied by a great networking opportunity for you and your company; an exclusive event, offering a chance to meet some of the most influential figures in yachting. If you are joining this event and want to meet with Relevance to discuss your digital strategies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

So whether you work within a shipyard, a brokerage house, a management company or a crew agency, The Superyacht Marketing Forum is an incredible opportunity to grow and share your knowledge. We’ll hope to see you there!

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