Relevance open business routes to Scandinavian countries with new SEO and Advertising Collaboration


Relevance, yesterday signed a collaboration contact with one of the leading Scandinavian digital marketing agencies based in Stockholm, so Relevance can offer their clients and any prospects access to Swedish, Norwegian, Finish, and Danish markets using cutting edge SEO and online PR techniques to boost instant traffic, and leads from these important sectors.

Scandinavian region is famous by its outstanding standard of living. GDP per capita of the countries here varies from $37 thousands in Denmark to $55 thousands in Norway. The homeland of such companies like H&M, Ikea and Tetra Pak is a place of living of many millionaires, including Forbes number 12 – Stefan Persson.

Relevance has continued its expansion in Europe to provide clients with Scandinavian SEO and SEM services. Relevance prides itself in offering luxury brands access to European and International territories through its digital marketing services.

Relevance’s new non-exclusive Scandinavian partner is Society of Search managed by ex-Keybroker account manager Jennie Odenrick. The company is based in Stockholm and its team can boast significant experience in search engine optimization, social media management and in running successful pay-per-click campaigns for blue chip companies for the Scandinavian market.

“While many business owners and marketing teams feel high net worth individuals and their secretaries or entourage are searching in English, we have data contrary to this belief. People in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland are mainly searching for luxury goods and services in these own language. If you can promote luxury goods and services in these languages we have found out that companies can benefit from a higher conversion rate.” Rumble Romagnoli, Managing Director, Relevance Web Marketing

Relevance offers translations, multilingual SEO, social media and online advertising company services for all European languages enabling foreign and European companies a safe landing for business expansion in Europe. Relevance specialises in promoting luxury brands on the internet but can help ecommerce companies looking to gain a broader reach.

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