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Relevance Launches Relevance Realty in London

With a wealth of experience in website design and digital marketing for real estate and property companies, Relevance has launched Relevance Realty in London earlier this month. This website provides a detailed overview on the reasons that Relevance is the first choice for real estate and property companies, as well as the services it offers and references to its portfolio. gives prospective clients a clear idea of what we can do to help their company stand out in a sea of real estate companies in London. Having built a Content Management System (CMS) specially for real estate, which can be developed bespoke to a company or brand’s specific requirements, we are able to offer digital solutions and unique custom-built websites at the highest level. Naturally, we also offer Word Press solutions or open source programs if they prefer.

Real estate companies can no longer rely on ‘google translate’ in an increasingly international market in London. Therefore, our agency, with its staff of multilingual and native-speaking consultants, means we can deliver advanced digital marketing, through the best quality content, written in the right register for that marketing medium and native language.

Incorporating SEO into websites is essential for real estate companies, so their properties are seen first in any search. Unlike other digital marketing companies, Relevance has embraced SEO from the very start. Relevance Realty will ensure all new websites are SEO-friendly, and it can work with existing websites and brands to increase SEO through digital marketing activity, at a multilingual level.

With a well-established media list, access to Gorkana for PR purposes, a fantastic portfolio of freelance professional photographers and writers, Relevance Realty is able to provide and distribute content across digital platforms and measure its results.

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