Relevance Digital Marketing Academy

Over the past few months, Relevance has been working hard to create free biweekly webinars that share our 10 years of digital marketing know-how. As the coronavirus crisis hit everyone hard back in March, leading to widespread economic uncertainty, we knew that we wanted to give something back. Our Digital Marketing Academy gave us the perfect platform to do so, all the while allowing us to meet and idea-swap with a range of inspiring individuals.

With training sessions designed for beginners and intermediates at SMEs as well as advanced marketeers, and covering all aspects of digital marketing from paid advertising to PR, we are delighted to have been able to help so many people refresh or grow their knowledge over the past weeks. The sessions in our Digital Marketing Academy have been incredibly interactive, and the lively discussions we had have sparked new ideas for us too.

We have also been fortunate to have special guest speakers such as luxury influencers Tom Claeren, Yana Weiman and Antoniya Toneva. If you missed out on the opportunity to take part in our Digital Marketing Academy or would like to watch back for something you missed, you can always watch the recorded sessions in our dedicated YouTube playlist here

Our Digital Marketing Academy is coming to a close, with the final session set to focus on optimising content to get to the top of Google – join us for it on Thursday 28th May at 4 pm BST / 5 pm CET. You can find the link to learn more and sign up here

As lockdown restrictions are beginning to lift around the world, we are all looking forward to a little more normalcy in our lives, but stay tuned for more news about webinars or workshops in the future. 

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