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Luxury marketing: Year in review 2021

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Relevance has enjoyed incredible success in 2021. As a specialist luxury marketing agency we have grown, onboarding some amazing new clients – both global powerhouses and niche businesses that need highly tailored digital marketing support – along with hiring several new talented staff members.

In order to continually help our clients achieve their digital goals we’ve expanded our luxury marketing service offerings, and we’ve also inked some fantastic partnerships to further benefit our clients.

But, we’re not about to rest on our laurels yet! While 2021 has been one of our most successful years to date, we plan to beat this year’s success by continuing to grow even bigger, better, and stronger in 2022. We’ve got some really exciting plans for next year, but first, let’s take a look back at what we achieved in 2021.  

Year in review 2021: 23 new clients 

In 2021 we proudly onboarded 23 new clients. Clients spanned several sectors, all seeking to attract and engage high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, including high-end jewellery, beauty and perfume, clothing, luxury travel, real estate, art and interior design, yachting, finance, insurance, B2B companies and data analytic firms. Businesses, now more than ever, understand the importance of a strong online presence and we are delighted that such a large number of clients have entrusted us to help with their digital strategy and luxury marketing campaigns.

New clients that we welcomed in 2021 are: 

Year in review 2021: 3 new services 

As we continue to grow as an agency, so too do our luxury marketing service offerings. This year we’ve bolted on several new services to ensure we offer our clients the very best 360 digital marketing services. These include audience profiling, brand identity, and naming. 

As part of our audience profiling service we take an in-depth look at real audiences that are relevant to a client’s brand – often discovering new relevant segments that a client had not considered previously. We provide access to insights on audience demographics, socioeconomics, influencers and brands, interests, media and content affinity, personality, buying mindset and online habits. We then take this expert data analysis and pull out key actionable insights to craft a finely tuned highly targeted digital luxury marketing strategy, and, crucially, link audiences to advertising campaigns. 

Our brand identity service involves a process of discovery to explore and develop a company’s vision, manifesto, brand archetypes, personality, key competitors, and audience segmentation. By delving deeper into our clients’ brands, we can create a fortified luxury marketing strategy that clearly communicates their values to their target audience. 

Finally, our naming service involves a brainstorming process by our creative team to create a shortlist of inspiring names that expertly captures the essence of a new service, product, or brand. We also source the accompanying URLs and social media handles. 

And, despite living in an increasingly digital world, we’ve also added a printing service as we know many of our clients still seek and value tangible luxury marketing materials. 

Year in review 2021: 7 new employees welcomed

With more clients and an increasing workload, we’ve added more members to our team. This year we were delighted to welcome seven new employees to the Relevance family – creative director Frances, head of brand design Jemma, digital content manager Ella, SEO copywriter Ilze, account director Jon, account manager Daniel, and account executive Kitty. We also welcomed seven new digital marketing interns; Nick, Perla, Maria V, Darion, Ambre, Gina, and Maria A. 

Year in review 2021: 1 large charity project and continuous support to local charities

Giving back to the community we serve continues to lie at the heart of Relevance. 

One of our largest luxury marketing charitable projects this year was Barbagiuans of Monaco. Created by H.S.H Prince Albert II in the 1980s and now headed up by its new president Louis Ducret, Barbagiuans is a Monaco-based association that connects former football stars who have represented A.S. Monaco and international celebrities with links to the principality. The association organises events to support various charitable initiatives. The team at Relevance created a slick new website with multilingual content.

We also supported three charities Chances for Children, the Borneo Wildlife Preservation, and Mimosa during the 2021 Club Vivanova Luxury Lifestyle Charity Gala. We supported the gala financially, including providing a lot for the charity’s auction. Relevance also continues to sponsor a child’s education through Chances for Children.

You can see all the charitable work we have undertaken in our latest PR

We are looking forward to supporting more worthwhile causes in 2022. 

Year in review 2021: 3 new partners  

We inked some fantastic new luxury marketing partnerships in 2021 to help further support our clients. 

Relevance Yacht entered into an official agreement with YATCO, the Official MLS and Ultimate SaaS Platform of Yachting. This agreement enables Relevance Yacht to assist our yachting clients in need of Multiple Listing Service integration on their website, while YATCO will benefit from our digital intelligence and yacht industry insights. The partnership is also content-driven, with both parties working together on in-depth and insightful research pieces. 

We also joined Adoreum, an international members club for UHNWIs, business leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, investors, and creative visionaries. This partnership enables us to network with other experts and parties involved in the world of luxury. 

We are also now a contributor to Chief Marketer, an online publication that explores the latest digital marketing trends. This year, our team of digital luxury marketing experts have contributed several insightful and data-led articles exploring luxury marketing trends, as well as sharing tried-and-tested tips on how to reach and engage UHNWIs

Year in review 2021: 13 brands defined

In 2021 our creative team worked on defining, creating, developing and executing brands for 13 clients, breathing life into their brand identities. Just some of the clients we created brand names, logos, colours, and visuals – both in print and digital – for were Jacques Zolty, Kitson Yachts, Premier Properties, Quantum Marine Stabilizers, La Costa Properties Monaco, and multiple property development projects for Burrington Estates.

Year in review 2021: More than 2,000 paid media campaigns

Our dedicated PPC team ran more than 2,000 paid media campaigns in 2021, creating more than 40,000 ads. These carefully crafted campaigns enabled our clients to connect with more potential customers, further amplifying their service offerings and brand. 

Year in review 2021: 6 websites designed, built, and launched 

Our team designed, developed and built six websites in 2021, ensuring our clients can be seen digitally by their target audience. Just some of the clients we designed and built websites for are Opesjet, TJB Super Yachts, Château Pomeaux, Engel and Volkers Yachting, Kitson Yachts, and Barbagiuans, as mentioned above as part of Relevance’s giving back initiative. Our luxury marketing team is currently working on a further seven websites, scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2022, including for clients in the real estate, yachting and private travel sectors.

Year in review 2021: We spoke at 4 events 

Our luxury marketing team was delighted to speak at several events this year, including Brighton SEO, the OECD Roundtable, the Adoreum Webinar, and The Drum Deep Dive Roundtable.

The annual Brighton SEO is a superb opportunity for our team to learn about the latest digital luxury marketing trends and network with other industry experts. Once again, Relevance was delighted to speak at the event, with our CEO Ned Quekett discussing the importance of audience profiling in order to successfully drive target audiences to action. 

The OECD Roundtable, the Adoreum Webinar, and The Drum Deep Dive Roundtable enabled our experts to share innovative and creative ideas and insights surrounding luxury marketing. 

At The OECD Roundtable our president and founder Rumble Romagnoli spoke on a panel with other business leaders discussing the most relevant opportunities and challenges related to the digitalisation of small and medium enterprises.

Our commercial director, Niki McMorrough, co-hosted an Adoreum Webinar, giving some useful insights into how to use digital content to power a marketing funnel. 

Finally, at the Drum Deep Dive Roundtable, our luxury travel expert, Emilia Jedamska, spoke about the future of luxury travel. You can read her advice here.

Year in review 2021: 5 events attended

Despite the challenges of Covid, our luxury marketing team was delighted to attend five events in 2021, offering us the opportunity to not only network and keep up-to-date with the latest trends relevant to our client’s sectors, but also to support local charitable initiatives and young entrepreneurs.

The Mark Challenge, under the auspices of the International University of Monaco, is a business plan competition that connects students, alumni, academic professionals, and business leaders. Now in its 9th edition, Rumble served as a judge in the final round of the competition. 

We were once again thrilled to attend the Club Vivanova Luxury Charity Gala, which raises funds for a selection of charities each year. We have supported the gala since 2017.

Additionally, as an innovative digital agency specialising in luxury marketing, we attended industry-leading events including the FT Business of Luxury Summit and the Bazaar At Work Summit 2021, both in London UK, as well as the Monaco Yacht Show to understand the latest trends in the yachting market, one of our core sectors.

Year in review 2021: 1,000 pieces of content written for our clients 

Our content team crafted compelling copy to help amplify our clients’ brands. Fuelled by plenty of tea and coffee, our luxury marketing content team crafted more than 1,000 pieces of content, including more than 600 articles, some 180 landing pages, 40 press releases, and generated copy for some 100 pages of website content.

Year in review 2021: Outstanding PR results

This year our PR team continued to deliver some exceptional results for our clients, gaining them coverage in some of the most influential publications in the world, helping to put our clients’ in front of a huge audience. Our luxury marketing PR team worked with specialist publications covering a wide range of sectors, including real estate, yachting, interior design, travel, luxury lifestyle, and business. Our clients, including Cap Villas, Artichoke, St Tropez House, Chilli No. 5, and Pilati Capital, appeared in such esteemed publications as the Robb Report, The Daily Mail, Business Insider, Aspire Magazine, Property London, Condé Nast Traveller, Forbes, Luxurious Magazine, The Independent, Channel 5, Alpha Men Asia, SME News, and more.

Year in review 2021: 72 Relevance articles and 530 social posts

Our team created 72 articles that were published across our Relevance and Relevance Yacht blogs, as well as on our partner sites, including The Drum, Chief Marketer, Wealth Monaco, and Forbes Monaco. These insightful articles share company news as well as industry trends and the latest luxury marketing insights. Some of our most popular articles posted on the Relevance blog included Wealth-X Ultra Wealth Report – 10 key takeaways, and the Three best luxury influencer campaigns for hospitality. Our most popular partnership articles included How NFTs can help luxury brands reach young HNWIs and How Covid 19 changed e-commerce sales growth and irreversible dependence, both published on The Drum.

Our team also ensured all our followers and clients were kept informed and up-to-date on luxury marketing trends and company news via 530 social media posts across popular platforms including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

Year in review 2021: Top performing campaigns

Delivering exceptional results for our clients and a robust return on investment sits at the core of every luxury marketing strategy. 

All of our clients benefitted from our digital marketing services. Here’s an overview of two of our best performing campaigns. 

1 – World Gold Council 

We saw particularly significant results for our client World Gold Council, who we supported with some very high-performing digital marketing activity in Q1. 

Our campaigns promoting their ETF Data series in Q1 2021 outperformed similar campaigns from Q1 2020 with a 287% increase in downloads and registrations from a 42% increase in media spend.

We also saw a similar fantastic uplift in organic performance in one of their key early year advertising and SEO marketing campaigns. Outlook 2021 vs Outlook 2020 received a 280% increase in clicks year-on-year; and a similar rise in impressions of 235%. We achieved this via clever optimisation that yielded stronger results on important market keywords like ‘gold forecast’ and ‘gold price forecast’ in addition to the usual top keywords like ‘gold outlook’ and ‘gold outlook 202X’.

2 – YouGov

In order to create increased awareness and engagement in YouGov BrandIndex, which measures daily consumer sentiment of over 20,000 brands worldwide, our team created monthly videos to showcase the top 10 brands with the biggest increase in positive sentiment among UK consumers. These upbeat and colourful videos were principally used by YouGov to generate awareness on social media for retargeting and disseminated across multiple other channels.

The videos have generated nearly 7,000 views on LinkedIn and helped to generate 180 hand raisers between April and December 2021.

“I was really impressed with how Relevance very swiftly but diligently understood the vision and objective for this brief from the outset and delivered a fun and exciting asset for us to go to market with this new initiative,” said Antonia, global head of field marketing.

“The video has been a great addition to our campaign which has had fantastic engagement in a very short space of time.”

Following impressive C-suite feedback, Relevance’s remit with YouGov has grown to include global video ad campaigns, product videos and pitch teasers. We will be growing our capacity for luxury marketing video services in 2022.

If you want to amplify your UHNW brand in 2022 and benefit from our 360 digital marketing services, then contact our luxury marketing team today.

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