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Jetset Agency sign 2 year internet marketing extension


Relevance was pleased to announce today that long-term client Jetset Agency, immobilier in Saint Tropez, re-signed a 2 year SEO contract extension with Relevance Web Marketing for real estate SEO and internet marketing. Relevance built the Jetset Agency real estate website two years ago using sophisticated real estate software and months of research into the area, and how people were searching for higher-end properties in Saint Tropez and in and around the Var region of the South of France.

SEO for Real Estate Company in Saint Tropez

Relevance has a long-standing relationship with Thierry Bourgeot and the Jetset Agency team who have one of the largest and prestigeous collection of villas available to rent and for sale in the Saint Tropez peninsular. Rental rates can soar to 500,000€/month, and properties sell at 50€ million plus so our SEO team have had to be very creative when coming up with ideas to target the super-rich, and their P.As. With a multilingual SEO team on-hand, Relevance is able to target millionaires and billionaires in several countries. The Russians are famous for their love of Saint Tropez, but Italians, Belgians, Dutch and Germans are also targeted for luxury villas to rent and for sale. Relevance works for Jetset Agency for SEO, social media management, link building, keyword positioning, advertising, blogging and e-mailing.

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