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The latest round up of the Google Webmaster blog to keep you up-to-date with the most interesting and important articles from March. Contact Relevance Web Marketing if you have any questions on these articles.


All the latest from the Google Webmaster Central Blog for last month

New first stop for hacked site recovery

In this post Maile Ohye provides three highly informative videos. The first briefly explains how a hacker targets your site and compromises it along with the two main objectives of hackers which are to add spam text and links on your site or to upload and distribute malicious software. The second and third videos go into more depth and focus on sites hacked with spam and malware respectively. In both of these videos, with the help of experts Tiffany Oberoi and Lucas Ballard, Maile takes you through the various possibilities of how to assess the damage done to a website by a hacker.

Below the videos are some useful tips on how to prevent your website becoming compromised by a hacker.

We created a first steps cheat sheet for friends & family

Great news for SEO beginners! Google have published a short, one page guide on the basics of optimising your blog or website to make it perform better in their search engine results.

A new opt-out tool

Last month Google introduced a new tool allowing users to easily opt out of having their content appearing on Google Shopping, Advisor, Flights, Hotels, and Google+ Local search. Pretty handy we say!

The Webmaster Academy goes international

Google’s extremely popular webmaster academy, which provides detailed advice for begginers, experienced webmasters and businesses alike has been launched in 20 languages.

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